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What Is A Trailer Tent?

Trailer tents, also known as folding campers, are a sort of mid-way point between a campervan and a tent. There are three main designs in use on UK campsites:

  • Trailer tents – those with walls made of canvas and are stored in a towed trailer, which can then be unwrapped and pegged on site.
  • Flip-top trailer tents – those which unfold as you open the trailer, which then becomes part of the living space.
  • Folding campers – think the interior of a caravan, complete with all the living space, but with canvas covers that can be stretched out to create more space.

Trailer tents can be a useful alternative to a caravan or motorhome because they are not as cumbersome to tow behind a vehicle, and are popular with those who like short excursions and weekends away; including fisherman, surfers and canoeists.

What Do You Get In A Trailer Tent?

Essentially, trailer tents are designed to be easy to transport - relying on a smaller trailer rather than a cumbersome caravan - and can be assembled quickly and easily when you get to the campsite.

When it comes to facilities, trailer tents can range from being basic shelters for camping trips to smaller caravan-style units with large canvasses to provide shelter, basic sleeping quarters and kitchen facilities, which may be portable in order to be rearranged under the canvas.

Whilst they can be towed and stored in much the same way as a caravan, trailer tents are designed to be opened out once you get to your pitch, think of it as a caravan base with durable fabric extensions.

Because of their lightweight design, trailer tents and their contents can be at risk of theft at caravan sites, so having some trailer tent insurance can help you to recoup the costs should you find yourself a victim of theft.

How Can I Protect My Trailer Tent?

Trailer tent insurance is available to help provide peace of mind when you pitch up during your holiday. Insurance can help to cover you during the journey to the campsite and also while you’re there.

What Is Covered In A Trailer Tent Policy?

Much like a caravan insurance policy, trailer tent insurance will help to cover certain aspects of your trailer tent:

  • New-for-old – helps you to replace your damaged or stolen trailer with one of a similar value
  • Loss of use – covers in the event of your trailer tent becoming inhospitable as a result of an incident
  • Loss of equipment or personal effects - covers any equipment you may have towed along with the trailer, including bicycles, canoes and surfboards.
  • Public Liability Cover – helps to protect against claims brought against you by third parties as a result of an incident
  • Family & Friends Cover – helps in the event of incident whilst you’ve lent the tent to someone else

The age of your trailer tent can also have an effect on your insurance policy, as older vehicles may be seen as a higher risk whilst being towed on the road.

Safe To Tow?

When it comes to towing a caravan or trailer tent, weight matters, but as a trailer tent is usually lighter than a full caravan, you’ll be able to tow it as long as you hold a standard Category B driving licence.

If the load you are towing means that the total weight of both car and tow is more than 3.5 tonnes then you’ll need to apply for a Category C1+E driving licence to be able to tow heavy loads.

Security For Your Trailer Tent

Taking steps to further secure your trailer tent, including fitting wheel locks, hitch locks and even alarm systems, can help you save on your trailer tent insurance policy.

We’ve put together a Security for your Caravan guide to help advise you on your potential options for added security, and most of these will also be relevant for keeping a trailer tent safe from thieves.

If you are a member of a caravanning or camping club you can also save yourself some money on your premiums, while taking the time to learn how to confidently drive while towing a trailer can also help to reduce your premiums.

Can I Take A Trailer Tent Abroad?

Much like with a standard caravan, if you want to take your trailer tent over on a trip to the EU, you must ensure you have all the relevant paperwork, licences and insurance documentation to help cover you in the event of incident during your trip.

Check out our handy guide to taking a caravan abroad to find out more.

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