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Taxi companies often have a fleet of vehicles at their disposal to take fares as they are rung in, these are then communicated out using two-way radios and the nearest driver will take the fare and proceed to the destination.

Many firms are based in town and city centres, with a base of operations and a territory nearby, although many will dispatch drivers to locations further afield depending on the job, and even have minibuses to pick up larger groups from locations such as airports.

Whether you operate a private hire firm, drive a public hire vehicle such as a black cab or work for yourself using a ridesharing app, taxi insurance is one of the most crucial components of your operation.

Most taxi firms are open all-year round and have a constant flow of business, so it’s important to ensure that the tools of your trade are protected in the event of accidents or claims.

Information For Taxi Fleet Owners

When searching for a taxi insurance policy for your fleet you should ask yourself the following, for this could affect the price of your policy:

  • How many vehicles do I have?

    Whether you operate a fleet or just use your own car, different brokers will have different points of view as to what constitutes a “fleet”, so make a note of all the vehicles in your fleet.

    Depending on the size of your fleet it may end up being cheaper for you to take out a multi-vehicle taxi insurance policy rather than insure each vehicle individually.

  • What types of vehicles are in my fleet?

    Within your fleet you may operate one type of saloon-style car or black cab for short-range trips. In this case then a single vehicle-type taxi insurance policy may be the best option for your business.

    However, if your fleet also contains larger vehicles, including MPVs or minibuses for larger groups and airport runs then you’ll need to be looking at a multi-vehicle insurance policy in order to ensure everything is covered.

  • Where is my business based?

    Location can play a big part in the price of your quote. If your business is based in a metropolitan area and operates within a city centre you will have to pay a higher premium as compared to those in rural areas.

    This can be because of a number of factors, including an increase in risk caused by a higher concentration of traffic, which may mean more potential passengers but can bring with it an increased possibility of accidents due to the larger volume of people.

    As well as this, city-centre areas can also have an increased risk of theft and vandalism, but you can help to reduce the chances of theft – as well as your taxi insurance premium – by ensuring that your vehicle has security features to deter thieves.

  • What age are my drivers?

    With age comes driving experience, and just like with a regular car insurance policy the age of the driver can play a hand in the price of their insurance policy, especially if they’ve only recently passed their taxi licence exam.

    Drivers under the age of 25 are going to be more expensive to insurance, so while it is possible to put these on an any driver policy, it is usually advised to add named drivers to a policy to help keep costs down.

    If you’re thinking about a career change and want to look into becoming a taxi driver and joining a fleet, check out our guide to training to become a taxi driver.

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