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Takeaways are a common sight on many a high street in the UK, and can range from high-street sandwich shops which are open during the day, to a plethora of different world cuisines to choose from for dinner.

From Indian and Cantonese to Caribbean jerk and Turkish kebabs, customers are spoilt for choice as to what to order when they fancy a night in.

And with digital services such as Just Eat and Hungry House providing another means to order your takeaway food on the go, the British takeaway industry continues to enjoy success with a wide variety of cuisines now available to enjoy.

Like with any catering establishment, takeaways need their own type of insurance to help cover their premises, their staff and the equipment they use to prepare the food.

What Does Takeaway Insurance Cover?

Much like standard restaurant insurance, there are two main areas of business insurance that you should have in place, whether you own a takeaway or a full service restaurant:

  • Public Liability Insurance

    On the other side of the business, your customers are the most important thing, they are essentially your main source of income, and any negligence by your business or your staff which could lead to injury or illness can be very serious.

    Public liability insurance helps to cover you against claims brought against you by customers who have either fallen ill as a result of eating bad product, or fallen over in your premises.

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance

    Employers’ Liability helps to cover you against claims brought against you by your own staff, should they suffer injury or illness as a result of your negligence. You can help to reduce the likelihood of this happening by ensuring your restaurant and kitchen areas are well maintained and free from slip and trip hazards such as greasy floors.

Many takeaway insurance policies will offer additional extras as part of your takeaway insurance, including cover for earnings and equipment:

  • Loss Of Income Insurance

    You may also want to consider taking out some loss of income insurance against your takeaway. Loss of income insurance helps you to recover loss earnings as a result of your business having to close, usually as a result of damage caused by fire or flood damage.

    Loss of income insurance lets you set an amount based on your predicted earnings , and can provide a safety net for your business and keep it afloat while you make necessary repairs in order to bring your premises back up to a level which is suitable for trading again.

Covering Cooking Equipment

Takeaways will usually have a lot of expensive cooking equipment such as deep fat fryers on site, they will also have refrigeration areas for storing chilled and frozen foodstuffs in preparation for cooking to order.

Maintaining said equipment regularly can help to reduce the risk of incidents such as destruction by fire and costly breakdowns of refrigerated units, which could prove costly for your business as every day the shop is closed will mean a days’ lost earnings.

What About Ratings?

Takeaways also have to adhere to strict food hygiene standards and inspections by the Food Standards’ Agency, who use a hygiene rating system in order to grade takeaways and restaurants in terms of food cleanliness, you may have seen the green stickers posted in their shop windows and behind the counters.

When it comes to owning a takeaway, you need to make sure you are covered for every potential scenario – from property damage to claims brought against you by customers – and you also need to ensure that your stock is stored in the correct way to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Whatever cuisine your takeaway serves, let us here at Quotiva deliver you a great deal on your takeaway insurance. Fill out a few details about your business and let us search our network of brokers to find a great deal to suit you and your restaurant.


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