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Static caravans are those which are based in holiday parks or specialised pitching sites, usually connected to some utilities such as an electrical generator and have running water, allowing for longer periods of habitation, whether as a permanent residence or as a holiday home.

Owners of static caravans will either choose to make them their homes or rent them out to holidaymakers all year round, often on pitches that form part of a holiday park or caravan park.

Whilst static caravans don’t travel like a touring caravan - except maybe when being transported to its permanent pitch - does it still needs protecting against damage caused by the elements and the risk of theft.

Because they are normally based at a single location all year round, static caravans are susceptible to adverse weather conditions, including storm damage and freezing conditions in winter.

Having a static caravan insurance policy in place can help you to cover the costs of any damage sustained as a result of weather-related damage in the event of sudden storms and other freak weather conditions.

Protection On The Park

Many pitch sites and holiday parks will have wardens on site who will make regular patrols around the site, however if you want to save money on your caravan insurance policy it can be worth taking additional steps to protect your caravan.

As well as having some caravan insurance to protect the property itself, it can be worth having some additional contents insurance to protect any valuables you may store at the caravan - including electronic items and jewellery - against accidental damage and theft.

What Is Included In A Caravan Insurance Policy?

Many static caravan insurance policies will offer a number of features as part of a policy, it’s best to ask your broker as some will offer them as standard while some may incur additional charges:

  • New-for-old cover – this can vary in length depending on your broker
  • Agreed value – works out the total value of your property, especially if you’ve added extras or modified it in any way, including installing roof tiles or external verandas
  • Accidental damage
  • Weather damage – usually helps cover against flooding, frost and storm damage
  • Loss of use protection
  • Emergency removal – helps cover you in the event that your pitch site suffers significant flood damage, or if your caravan is badly damaged and needs to be immediately removed from the site
  • Family and friends cover
  • Third party liability cover
  • Public liability insurance
  • Loss of rent – applies if you rent out your caravan to tenants or holidaymakers and helps cover against loss of earnings following disputes
  • Fatal injury cover
  • Awning cover
  • Emergency accommodation cover – helps to cover the cost of housing yourself, or your guests, in temporary accommodation whilst you carry out repairs following incidents that render the caravan uninhabitable
  • Breakdown cover – for semi-permanent caravans that move between sites

What Is Not Covered?

There are also a number of exclusions on caravan insurance policies, which can affect the cost of your premium or even restrict you in your options of securing a policy.

Each policy is different though, but it can be worth being mindful of the following factors:

  • Wear and tear and deterioration with age, as well as damage caused by vermin and insects
  • If your caravan is used as a place of business, trade or profession
  • Theft of contents without evidence of forced entry into the caravan, usually caused by poor security measures
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown

How Can I Reduce My Premium?

Much like a home insurance policy, taking the time to protect your static caravan with some additional security features such as additional locks, wheel clamps and even a home CCTV system can help to prove to your insurers that you are taking steps to protect your caravan against thieves, which could lead to a lower premium.

Check out our handy guide on Security for your Caravan for more information.

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