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There are a wide range of restaurants around the country, from coffee shops to Michelin-starred fine dining establishments, offering a wide range of cuisine for us to get our teeth into.

And with smaller startup food trucks and pop-up restaurants becoming more common, the world of restaurants and mobile catering is constantly expanding as our tastes change and as more entrepreneurs are looking to their hobbies and love of food to make a living.

Culinary Influences

With cooking shows and programs such as Masterchef and the Great British Bake Off proving to be popular draws for television audiences, they could also be said to have lead to an increase in the numbers of us picking up the utensils and getting into the kitchen to cook more.

As a result, more and more restaurants can be found up and down the country as budding entrepreneurs try and tantalise our tastebuds with their culinary offerings.

Whether you serve fine dining, full English breakfasts or coffee and cupcakes, having some restaurant insurance for your business is an essential part of the process of owning and running a restaurant.

Do I Need Specialist Restaurant Insurance?

Having some restaurant insurance in place helps to provide peace of mind that you’ll be covered should anything happen to your business. Restaurants can have to close suddenly as a result of damage caused by fire and flood waters, and such incidents can lead to a loss of earnings for your business.

What Do I Need To Cover?

As well as the premises itself, you need to make sure your equipment is covered – everything from cooking equipment to the restaurant furniture – and there are three types of cover that you need to have in order to run a restaurant:

  • Employers Liability Insurance

    Employers’ Liability Insurance essentially covers you in the event of anything happening to your staff – whether it’s falling ill or being injured as a result of your negligence. Employers’ Liability helps to protect you against any claims brought forward by employees who may bring action against you as a result.

  • Public Liability Cover

    Public Liability cover helps to protect you in the event of claims brought against you by members of the public. Accidents happen, both inside and outside of your restaurant, including slips, trips and falls as a result of negligence by yourself or your staff.

    Having some public liability insurance you can help protect your business from any action brought against you by a customer who may have been injured or fallen ill as a result of negligence.

  • Loss of Income Insurance

    Every restaurant needs cooking equipment to do business, but what happens when something happens to it and you’re unable to operate?

    Loss of income insurance can help you to recoup the costs of downtime as the result of an incident, including damage as a result of a fire in your kitchen.

    With this kind of cover it is you who can set the level of cover you would need in the event of having to close your business to carry out repairs. Loss of income insurance will help to pay for your overheads while you get your restaurant back to a state where you can do business again.

If you are thinking of starting a restaurant, there’s many things to think about, we’ve prepared a guide to finding and setting up a restaurant to help you on your way, and there are a number of organisations which offer advice for startup businesses.

By ensuring that you’ve got everything covered with regards to the running of your restaurant, you can get onto the business of cooking the food you love in the knowledge that you and your restaurant will be insured against any circumstances.

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