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Businesses can be large or small, with some digital businesses even doing their business on the move. With such a diverse business network in the UK, picking the right premises for what your business needs is a crucial part of the process.

With support from the Federation of Small Businesses and other organisations, we are seeing more and more startup businesses popping up each year – from small shops to exciting new dynamic projects and Dragon’s Den-style enterprises that burst onto the marketplace.

What Is Office Insurance?

Office insurance is recommended for businesses that are run from commercial properties. Policies will provide protection against the following aspects:

  • Premises and equipment – also known as buildings and contents insurance – helps to cover anything from furniture to computers to stationary contained within your office.
  • Staff and customers – public and employer’s liability insurance provides protection against claims brought against you by those who have suffered injury on your property due to a slip, trip or fall; including visitors to the office and also your own staff.
  • Business interruption insurance – in the event that your office has to be closed as the result of a disaster; including flooding and storm damage.

Business interruption insurance offers a lump sum in order to account for a predicted loss of earnings while you make necessary repairs in order to get your business up and running again.

It is important to make sure all areas of your business are covered, including both the building you operate in and the contents you keep in your office space. We’ve listed some of the most common features of office insurance in our handy Guide to Office Insurance.

Additional Extras

There are some also some exclusions and additional extras on business insurance policies, these include:

  • Accidental damage

  • Theft by forced entry

    If your office has poor security and thieves can easily access your possessions without having to force entry, your insurer is unlikely to pay out should you find yourself burgled. This extends to entry points including; fire exits, back doors, out buildings, windows, service entrances and delivery bays.

    In order to reduce your risk, you should ensure that these entry points are properly secured at all times, either by installing new locks or using keycard and intercom systems to regulate entry.

    Installing security camera systems can also help bring down the costs of your premium as you’d have shown to have taken precautions to secure your business premises. There are plenty of security companies who can help advise you on the best system for you and your needs.

  • Manual work away exclusion

    Sometimes you may need to work away from the office, such as installing and providing training on products and software on a customer premises. These trips will carry a different risk factor to your own office, and regular business insurance will only cover your premises and the area immediately surround it – for deliveries and collections.

    Ask your broker about the possibility of a ‘commercial combined’ policy, which will allow you to be protected both at your own premises and at those you visit during business hours.

    Whether your business is large or small, ensuring your office space is protected is a critical part of company ownership. If you’re looking to find a better quote on office insurance for your business, fill out a few details and let Quotiva search our broker network to find you the best deal for you.


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