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From buskers to concert musicians, musical instruments can be expensive investments, particularly if they are your livelihood. You may think that your instrument is covered on your home insurance policy, but what about when you’re touring?

Depending on what you play, musical instruments and studio equipment such as mixers and microphones can be expensive to purchase, and if you’re transporting your instrument everywhere with you there are going to be times when it will be vulnerable to theft.

As a result, taking out some musical instrument insurance to cover your equipment against accidental damage and loss can make a big difference when it comes to replacing your instrument and getting back to playing again.

What can be covered?

There are differing types of musical instrument nowadays; from traditional instruments such as guitars, violins and drum kits to more digital instruments such as synthesizers, digital turntables and electronic versions of wind instruments.

Protecting your musical instrument is crucial if it forms part of your livelihood, particularly if you tour with an orchestra, for what good is an artist without their instrument?

Musical instrument insurance helps to cover your instruments and provide a peace of mind, especially if your instrument is stolen, being insured can help you to recoup costs and replace instruments to get you performing again.

Musical instruments can be easily sold on, and retrieving stolen items can prove difficult, so taking out some musical instrument insurance with new-for-old cover can ensure that you can get a replacement in the event of theft.

New-for-old cover can also help you recoup costs of new musical instruments by protecting newer instruments from the day they were bought, helping to recoup costs despite value depreciation over time.

Are there any specific features on musical instrument insurance?

  • Room-only Cover

    If you keep your musical instruments in a home studio or keep a collectible in a bedroom or living room, let your broker know, as room-only cover on a musical instrument insurance policy can save you money if it’s stored in one location and is not regularly used outside of the specified room.

  • Repairs and Replacements

    Many performers choose to get their instruments repaired in the event of damage, having some musical instrument insurance can help you to recoup some of the cost of repairs should it sustain damage during a performance.

    If you’re making use of a more prestigious, expensive or antique instrument – such as a Stradivarius violin – then insurance companies will offer financial protection to help you recoup a lump sum similar to the value of the instrument should it be stolen or accidentally damaged.

What about if I’m on the road with my band?

Whether you play gigs with a band or are tour with an orchestra, there are several aspects to consider when it comes to insuring your instrument:

  • Public Liability

    Public liability cover can help to protect you from damage caused as a result of accidents during a performance.

    This level of cover can help to protect you from claims brought against you during a performance, ranging from damage to your instruments and injuries sustained by the crowd during a show.

  • Vehicle Cover

    Bands usually tour in vans or buses, so protecting your equipment while it’s in transit between gigs is essential to protect against damage and theft. Standard car insurance policies won’t cover such stored items, so some additional protection for your musical instruments can help cover you in case of incident.

Can Professional Bodies Help?

There are a number of societies and charities which can help with support for performers and players of all instruments. Becoming a member of a society such as the Incorporated Society of Musicians can help provide a vital resource by putting you in touch with fellow professionals, and may even help towards the cost of your insurance.

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