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Pickup trucks come in many shapes and sizes – from sporty SUV-type everyday cars such as the Chevrolet Avalanche to the ‘indestructible’ Toyota Hilux – made famous on many a Top Gear special.

Pickups are usually associated with the United States, but over the years there have been many models from the EU and Japan entering the market, helping to increase the choice for drivers who want a larger vehicle.

The vehicles are used for many purposes, from transporting goods, carrying the tools a tradesman needs to do his job or bussing families on the school run, and as such you’ll need the relevant pickup insurance in order to drive the truck legally.

Personal or Commercial?

Whether you use the pickup as an everyday car for a commute or for commercial purposes, the price of your pickup insurance quote will vary as a result. Brokers will usually look at business vehicles differently due to the nature of what the vehicle will be being used for.

For business use, your pickup truck may have modifications made in order to allow you to carry out your work – including winches, suspension lifts and ramps - and will often be used by building and allied trades, including bricklayers, roofers, landscapers and plasterers.

Pickups used for commercial purposes may require additional features on their policies to help cover against damage to equipment while on the job; including windscreen cover, canopy cover, truck liability insurance and legal protection. Speak with your pickup insurance broker about the extras they can offer you as part of your policy.

What If I Use It Everyday?

Pickups used for personal purposes may include transporting equipment for outdoor pursuits and other vehicles for race days, or even be modified for race days themselves.

If you’ve added modifications such as exhausts, body kits and snorkels then this will affect the price of your pickup insurance policy, and it’s important you disclose these to your broker when searching for a truck insurance quote.

What can affect the premium price?

There are a number of factors which can affect the cost of your pickup insurance:

  • Security – adding additional security devices, including alarm systems and steering locks, as well as storing your truck in a secure compound, can potentially save you money on your premium, just for taking a few extra precautions.
  • Any driver cover – Whilst covering multiple drivers on the same policy, any driver cover can potentially increase the price, especially if drivers have driving convictions against their name.
  • Mileage – How little or often you use the vehicle can affect the price of your insurance quote, be as accurate as you can with your predicted mileage to avoid falling into the wrong mileage bracket and risk paying more.
  • No Claims Discount – Accumulating, and protecting, some No Claims Discount can help massively in reducing the cost of your premium. You could even transfer NCB between vehicles, helping to reduce the cost on your new pickup.

How Can I Reduce My Premium Price?

Accumulating some No Claims Discount through careful driving can help drive down the cost of your pick up truck insurance premium. Modifications can also help add onto your premiums, as insurers will usually see this as having an increased risk.

If you have a fleet of pickup trucks as part of your business, whether as a courier or carrying tools, it can be worth looking into some fleet insurance for your business.

What If I Want To Import A Pickup Truck From The US?

American-style pickup trucks, both old and new, are popular with enthusiasts in the UK, and if you’re looking at getting one imported it can be worth contacting a specialised buyer, who can take care of the UK vehicle import process for you.

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