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The Mini is one of the UK’s most iconic automobiles, famous for its compact size and charm, various models have made appearances in movies such as The Italian Job and the Bourne Identity, and as being the preferred mode of transport for Mr Bean.

After being bought by BMW in 1994, the Mini remerged in the year 2000 with a new style and new attitude, however there are still many enthusiasts out there who keep the old-style Minis – from the Mark I to the Mark VII – and the memory of them still alive.

A British Classic

Minis are popular amongst enthusiasts due to their compact size and quintessentially British charm, from the smaller models that can be seen in the Italian Job to the larger, more streetwise hatchback models such as the Mini Cooper, which helped relaunch the brand in the UK and abroad.

Seen by many as a symbol of the 60’s, the Mini Cooper remains a popular vehicle in an ever growing enthusiast’s scene. Minis of all shapes and sizes can still be found at car shows and track days, and even entered into the world of sport in 2011 when a Mini Countryman vehicle was entered into the World Rally Championship.

A Change In Style

After production of the original style Mini ceased in 2000, a rebranding and relaunch in 2001 saw a new style of Mini hatchbacks released onto the roads of the UK.

There are now a number of variants of the ‘Mini Hatch’ hatchback model available to buy, including:

  • One – an entry-level model of the Mini Hatch
  • Cooper – the most common model
  • Cooper S – a sportier version of the Mini Hatch
  • John Cooper Works – high-performance version of many models
  • Clubman – an estate version of the Mini Hatch
  • Convertible
  • Countryman – a five-door, crossover-SUV model
  • Coupe – a two-seater model of the Mini Hatch, designed more for racing
  • Roadster – a convertible version of the Mini Coupe

Insuring A Mini

When it comes to finding Mini insurance, age can factor into your quote, as older vehicles will be more difficult to find parts for – especially vintage models – and could therefore be more costly to insure.

Whilst older vehicles can be rewarding restoration projects, the more specialised the insurance will have to be to accommodate it. If you’re looking to insure a classic Mini model as part of a restoration, you may have to do a bit more research into both the availability of replacement parts for your model and the price of insurance.

Depending on the model that you have, remember that vehicles made before 1st January 1976 are exempt from paying vehicle tax, it can be worth double checking if this is true with your vehicle.

Can Being Part Of A Club Help?

If you are a member of a Mini owners club you could save yourself some money on your policy; while driving experience and accumulating No Claims Bonus can also work in your favour.

Protect Your Mini

When it comes to protecting your prized Mini, using additional security devices can help to drive down the cost of your premium, as well as keeping your mind at rest. Devices such as alarm systems, wheel locks and immobilisers can help to show your mini insurance provider that you are taking steps to protect your vehicle, which can result in reductions in your premium.

So whether you drive an older Mark-series or a contemporary convertible, the Mini brand is a long-standing one that continues to be celebrated to this day, as well as gathering new fans of the older vehicles through regular appearances at car shows and use in big events such as the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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