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Smaller, sportier hatchback vehicles are known as ‘hot hatchs’, and are designed to be small and nippy city cars, with models including, amongst others:

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Focus
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Honda Civic
  • Peugeot 206

These compact cars have had a big impact on the motoring world over the years, and these smaller performance cars are still a common vehicle on our roads today.

Usually based around a three of five-door hatchback vehicle, hot hatchs are lightweight and are often modified by enthusiasts – both inside and out – to boost their performance as a track car, or just to show off to their mates.

What Constitutes A Hot Hatch?

Hot hatches can usually be identified from their original models by the addition of letters, or other indication as to an increase in power, to the end of their names – including GTi, RS, Ghia and Turbo – as well as having ‘sports’ features such as bucket seats and spoilers.

Usually associated with ‘boy racers’, hot hatchbacks are also popular with those who like the adrenaline rush of track days, with many models having ‘sports’ version with increased power, tightened suspensions and spoilers for aerodynamics.

How Can I Insurance A Hot Hatch?

Finding an insurance policy for a hot hatch can be a costly process depending on what has been done to the vehicle. Adding modifications such as body kits, improved suspension or even changing the audio equipment can lead to an effect on your hot hatch insurance policy.

Age can also play a part in how much you pay, for under-25s will usually end up paying more for their car insurance whether they own a hot hatchback or a smaller runaround car.

Driving experience will pay off in future if you are a careful driver, so accumulating some No Claims Discount through careful driving can also help to reduce your future premium prices.

Everyday Or Just For Show?

Many hot hatch enthusiasts will keep their cars on the driveway and only drive them to attend car shows, meets and for track days. If you use the car on an occasional basis – either for exhibitions or trade shows – it can be worth asking your broker about establishing what is known as a ‘limited mileage agreement’.

A limited mileage agreement works by negotiating a set mileage for the year with your broker. By agreeing a maximum yearly mileage and keep to within this limit, whether it’s through only driving to shows and track days, you could save yourself some money on your hot hatch insurance policy.

Can Qualifications Help Me Get A Cheaper Quote?

For younger and inexperienced drivers, obtaining an affordable car insurance quote can be difficult at first as they’re seen as being more of a risk on the road due to this inexperience.

If you fit into this category, you can help your chances of reducing your premiums in a number of ways; including obtaining additional driving qualifications such as Pass Plus and AnyDriver BTEC qualifications, which can help to boost your driving confidence and help to save on your hot hatch insurance premium.

These can help to show insurers that you have taken necessary steps to ensure you are a safer driver, which lowers your risk factor, which can be important if you’re looking to invest in a more powerful vehicle such as a hot hatchback.

Becoming part of an enthusiasts or owners’ club can also help to bring down the cost of your premium, for some insurers may offer discounts for members. We’ve put together a guide on finding and joining an owners’ club for more information.

What About Vehicle Modifications?

When applying for an insurance policy it is important that you disclose to your broker any modifications you have made to the vehicle – both outside (body kits) and inside (stereo system) as this will add to the cost of your premium because of the increased risk of theft.

If you own a hot hatchback and are looking to drive away with a better deal on your car insurance, here at Quotiva we search our network of top UK brokers in order to find you the best deal on your hot hatch insurance.


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