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4x4 vehicles are becoming more visible on UK roads, you’ll usually spot them on the school run. Known as SUVs and Cruisers, these vehicles are popular with families and those who like to take their driving off road at times.

But 4x4s are also used by those who like to go off-road and challenge themselves and their vehicles, often on specially constructed courses and dedicated country lanes known as ‘green lanes’.

What Is ‘Green Laning’?

4x4 vehicles are also used by hobbyists who are into ‘green-laning’, which involves driving off road down specially-assigned tracks known as green lanes or BOATs (Byway Open To All Traffic). Some insurers will offer special off-road cover on your 4x4 insurance to help cover for the risks to your vehicle during this unpredictable driving experience.

If you’re into your off-roading, even if you only take the vehicle out onto the trails a few times a year, having 4x4 insurance all year round is advisable, for you don’t want to risk getting cut short if you suddenly have to make more use of the vehicle as a commute or an everyday runaround vehicle.

Will Off-Roading Affect My Insurance?

Off-roading is a popular pastime for owners of 4x4 vehicles, usually for the thrill of challenging their vehicles on courses that can be muddy, steep and with a variety of terrain to challenge tyres and engines.

If you like to use your 4x4 for off-roading it’s important to let your broker know as the increased risk to your vehicle from such activities – including such hazards as burst tyres, flooded engines or damage to the bodywork as a result of the environment you are in – while the vehicles may be tough they can still be expensive to repair.

Is Insuring A 4x4 Expensive?

Because of their larger, slightly more cumbersome size, insuring a 4x4 vehicle can be an expensive business. This is due to car insurance providers regarding the vehicles as higher risk due to their size and weight likely to cause more damage during an accident.

Off-roading can also pose hazards, especially from environmental damage, and 4x4 vehicle owners usually make a number of modifications to their vehicles in order to toughen them up for such courses, including:

  • Strengthening the suspension
  • Fitting different types of tyres, depending on the terrain
  • Fitting a snorkel if you’re going to be partially submerging the vehicle
  • Fitting a winch to the front of your vehicle, in order to free yourself or another vehicle from difficult situations

We’ve put together a handy guide on preparing your vehicle for off-roading if you’re considering modifying your vehicle accordingly.

What About For Business Use?

Many 4x4 owners have jobs which involve travelling over unpredictable terrain, including farmers, mountain rescue and even the police. Because of this, 4x4s are built to withstand tricky conditions, and can usually take muddy roads, boggy fields and flooded areas in their stride.

Some 4x4s may require specific modifications to suit the terrain you’re working in; anything from snow tyres to hydraulic winches, and these could affect your insurance premiums. Ask your broker about additional equipment and if it will affect your policy, or if it may affect your premium if you have it registered under a business car insurance policy.

Can Joining A Club Help?

Joining a 4x4 owners club can be very helpful in bringing you together with fellow enthusiasts, to exchange information and advice about vehicles and to try out new and challenging off-road trails.

Being part of a club can also have a positive impact on your 4x4 insurance premiums, as some companies will offer discounts for members.

So whether you own a Land Rover or a Landcruiser, whether you commute or climb mountains, make sure your vehicle is properly insured before you hit the road (or trail if you prefer).

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