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Motorcycles have long been associated with cruising long stretches of coastal roads – including the iconic Route 66 in the US. Motorcycle culture is also associated with iconic groups such as Hells Angels, movies such as Easy Rider and even with the mods (albeit those were scooters) in iconic British film Quadrophenia.

Whether you own a classic Triumph or a Harley Davidson, motorbike insurance is an essential part of motorcycle ownership, and there are a number of factors which can affect how much you pay, including the size of your bike, how often you use it and whether you’ve added any modifications.

What kind of bike?

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes – from the 125cc Aprilias to more powerful 1700cc Harley Davidsons – and the size of the engine will determine how much you pay for your motorcycle insurance. Larger bikes with more powerful engines will be considered a higher risk when on the road, and can be slightly more expensive to insure as a result.

Experience can play a big part in reducing the cost of your motorbike insurance, if you’ve many years of riding experience and have managed to accumulate some no claims bonus as you would with a car you can help reduce the cost of your premium.

What cover is available for motorbikes?

There are two types of motorbike insurance cover available:

  • Third party, fire and theft

    Much like on a car insurance policy, TPFT will cover yourself and your vehicle in the event of an accident which was caused by a third party. This policy type also offers additional protection against fire damage, caused either as a result of an accident or while your bike is in storage, as well as theft.

  • Fully comprehensive

    comprehensive policies provide an extra level of protection if you are not at fault or blame cannot be determined following an accident. Much like a regular car insurance policy, fully comp helps to cover all bases to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident.

    Fully comp policies may also come with additional extras you can add to your policy – including breakdown cover, as well as cover for your articles of clothing and the all-important safety helmet.

How often do you ride?

The frequency of use can also help to determine how much you pay on your motorbike insurance policy. If you use the bike everyday for commuting to a workplace, particularly during the winter months, you are likely to pay more due to the increased risk of everyday use.

If you are using the bike purely at weekends and for holiday excursions, check with your insurer as to whether you can agree a ‘limited usage agreement’ to determine a maximum mileage amount per year, which provided you don’t exceed can save you money on your policy.

If you’re taking the bike over to Europe as part of a motorcycling holiday, you must ensure you and your bike are covered for travel in the EU, as well as having some European breakdown cover and travel insurance in place should you run into any difficulties during your trip.

Safety First

Riding a motorcycle presents a number of challenges and increased risks compared to driving a car, and therefore great care must be taken, both in your own protection and those around you. As well as safety equipment – including protective clothing and helmets – you must also ensure that your bike is safe to ride on the roads, this can be particularly important during winter, when road conditions will become more hazardous.

By building up some No Claims Bonus on your policy you can help reduce your premium even further. Check out our handy Motorcycle Insurance guides for more useful advice on saving money on your motorcycle insurance.

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