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American vehicles are popular with those who like the feel of raw power when they drive. Muscle cars and cruisers such as Cadillacs can be fun to drive but complicated when it comes to finding car insurance quotes.

Containing a more powerful engine for use on the streets, American muscle cars are popular with collectors and those who like a little more bang for their buck - which is quite apt as most of them are named after sleek and powerful animals (from Mustangs to Barracudas).

American cars have been instilled into popular culture since the 1960’s; from Mustang Sally to iconic TV shows such as the Dukes of Hazzard and their ‘General Lee’, and more recently Clint Eastwood’s 2008 movie Gran Torino.

Are American Vehicles Expensive To Insure?

Because of their increased size and engine power, American import vehicles can also be a little heavier on the wallet, so making sure you get the best insurance quote for your vehicle is essential in helping you reduce your ownership costs.

When talking with brokers regarding American car insurance, it is best to be as accurate as you can when it comes to vehicle specification as these could affect your car insurance premiums.

When deciding on which car to get, and the insurance premium to go with it, consider factors such as:

  • Make, model and year of manufacture – some older vehicles might be more difficult to insure.
  • How many miles will you do in a year? – particularly if you take the vehicle to specialist events.
  • Have you fitted any additional security devices to the vehicle?
  • Has the vehicle been modified in any way?
  • Is the vehicle left-hand drive?
  • Is the vehicle used for off-road driving?

To Commute Or Just For Show?

American cars are popular attractions at car shows around the world, and many enthusiasts will buy older cars as part of restoration projects and to either show or race at events; anything from old Mustangs to souped-up muscle cars for drag racing.

If you’re not going to be using your vehicle as an everyday drive, it can be worth talking to your American car insurance broker about agreeing a low mileage agreement. Low mileage agreements work by letting you set a mileage limit for the year, and providing you don’t exceed this limit your insurance premium can work out cheaper as a result.

Importing American Cars

The appeal of the American muscle car draws some to import them back to the UK as part of collections, and as well as the price of the car itself there’s also the price of importing the vehicle back to the UK.

Because of the distance of travel involved this cost can be as hefty as your new cars’ bodywork, and there are procedures to follow when it comes to registering an import car when you get it back to the UK.

Research is key when it comes to preparing to buy, or indeed sell and import a car, so it can be worth networking with fellow enthusiasts before making a decision. If you’ve an interest in American cars and want to buy one for yourself, we’ve put together a handy guide on importing a car from the US to the UK for you to use as part of your research.

Be Part Of A Car Club

Being part of a specialist collectors’ club or owners club can help to reduce your premiums, so it can be worth networking with other enthusiasts to see if you can save on your American car insurance.

If you’re stuck as to where to get started, we’ve prepared a handy guide to finding and joining a specialised motor club to help set the wheels rolling towards your fellow enthusiasts.

Here at Quotiva we use a network of specialist brokers to find the best deal on your American car insurance. So before you fly free in your Firebird or let your Wildcat off the leash, make sure you’ve got the relevant insurance before you hit the road.


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