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We all remember the excitement of hearing the chime of the ice cream van when we were kids, usually on hot summer days or if we were out on a day trip.

Ice cream can also be sold from carts, stalls and even refrigerated units mounted to bicycles, but it is perhaps the vans, and the distinctive chime-filled music they played, which stick in our minds the most.

Indeed, ice cream vans are a common sight in the summertime, including at large events such as festivals and food markets – especially if local farms and dairies are producing unusual flavours using locally sourced products.

If your business is in ice cream, or indeed any frozen food item, then ensuring you are insured is very important, both with regards to both the product you are selling and the vehicle that you sell it from.

What Does Ice Cream Van Insurance Entail?

An ice cream van insurance policy is essentially a form of mobile catering insurance, with many features helping to protect both seller and customer. It is important to cover both your vehicle of operation and the equipment within to protect against theft, equipment malfunction and damage caused by third parties.

Public Liability cover is essential if you want to serve food to the public, this helps to protect your vehicle against damage caused by third parties but also any claims which may be brought against you, including food poisoning.

If you employ any staff members you’ll also need to take out some Employers Liability cover. This is required by law and helps to cover you against any claims made by your staff as a result of injury or illness sustained while under your employment.

Does It Depend Where I Base My Business?

Depending on your area of operation your policy may be different. For example, if your van is stationary for the majority of the time, in a public park or in the car park of a retail park, your risk factor will then vary as compared to a van that does ‘rounds’ and is constantly moving in order to attract custom.

The equipment you own and use is also important to disclose, including freezers for your prepared stock as well as the ice cream machine for those freshly churned 99s that we all love (don’t forget the flake!).

Make sure you have some form of cover to protect your assets should there be a malfunction with machinery; if your vehicle is involved in an accident or is stolen.

Selling Hot Food Items From Your Van

If you want to diversify and sell hot products from your van, including coffee and hot food items such as toasted sandwiches, then this may change your insurance premium as a result of an increase of risk.

Check with your broker before making any adjustments to see if there’s any difference in price, and remember as well that hot and cold food must be stored safely and away from each other.

You may also need to change your sellers’ licence to accommodate this change as well, so speaking to a catering organisation such as the NCASS can help give helpful advice on making changes.

Who Can I Turn To For Advice?

All mobile catering businesses must not only register with their local council, but also ensure they are members of an organisation such as the Nationwide Caterers’ Association (NCASS), who can provide support for your business; anything from setting up shop initially to arranging insurance.

If you have multiple vehicles in your business, then you might want to think about taking out some fleet insurance for your business, as this will help to save you money on your van insurance premiums by insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy.

How Can I Save On My Premiums?

When it comes to making further saving, building up some No Claims Bonus as a driver can also help to lower your premiums. As with any vehicular insurance policy, brokers will look kindly upon a clean driving record and if you’re a careful driver then the savings could be as sweet as what you’re selling.

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