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Owning horses can be an expensive investment, from stable costs and vet bills to supplying them with food and grazing space, it’s not cheap but it can be rewarding.

Many in the world of equestrianism and showjumping have to transport their horses to and from events, as well as for other reasons – including visits to the veterinarian or to fresh grazing patches.

Because it would not be practical to ride them all the way to your destination (aside from your beast’s fatigue) many make use of horse trailers in order to transport their animals safely.

What Is A Horse Trailer?

Horse trailers can either be towed behind a vehicle, or come as part of a complete vehicle, much like a motorhome, with some including sleeping quarters to provide the opportunity for some rest during longer journeys.

Many will use trailers for transport for the following journeys:

  • Travel to and from an event
  • Travel to and from a stable, stud farm or veterinarian
  • Transporting horses to new owners or grazing fields

Types Of Trailer

There are three types of trailer available for transferring equines and other large hoofed animals:

  • Walk-through trailer

    Walk-through trailers allow for a horse to be safely walked into the box, but has a full-sized side door through which the handler is able to exit through once the animal has been secured and is comfortable for transport.

  • Manger trailer

    Manger trailers have built-in hay mangers at the front of the trailer to allow the horse access to hay and water during the journey. These are usually the most basic of trailer designs and may not provide a great deal of room for both horse and handler to move comfortably inside.

  • Slant-load trailer

    Slant-load trailers are designed for smaller horses, and can be used to transport one or two animals at the same time. Whilst being a useful way of transporting multiple animals, you’ll have to keep an eye on their comfort during the journey.

Towing A Horse Trailer

Much like when you tow a caravan, horse trailers can be cumbersome, and their cargo unpredictable, as the animals may become agitated if they’re not used to being transported, so it is important to ensure that your horses are desensitised to travelling in a trailer.

In the event of an accident, a spooked horse can suddenly cause problems in the event of an accident, both to itself and oncoming traffic.

No matter what type of trailer you use, you’ll have to make sure that the trailer itself is roadworthy, that you have the correct status on your driving licence to be able to tow a trailer and that the trailer doesn’t exceed the weight limits for trailer towing in the UK.

For more information on towing a trailer, check out our handy guide.

Do I Need Insurance For A Horse Trailer?

Because of these risks involved in transporting a live animal which could be easily spooked, having some horse trailer insurance is recommended in order to cover yourself in the event of incident whilst in transit.

Horse trailer insurance policies can vary depending on the size, weight and make of your vehicle, much like with a caravan this can affect your premium. Trailers over a certain weight

What Can I Get On A Policy?

Certain brokers will offer different levels of cover for when you’re on the road with your animals. Speak to your broker about putting a restricted mileage limit on your policy, especially if you only use the trailer for transport over a certain distance each year – such as to events and annual checks at the vet. If you can keep within the arranged limit you may find you can save on your horse trailer insurance policy.

Some may also offer breakdown cover, which as well as ensuring that your trailer can be repaired, it may include cover that allows you to temporarily house your animals in nearby stables while you arrange repairs, ensuring that your horses are safe and well before resuming travel.

Don’t forget that membership to an organisation such as the British Horse Society can provide you with useful information and support on all aspects of owning, keeping and showing horses.

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