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Horseboxes are a useful method of transportation in the equestrian world, providing a method of transporting horses from stable to showground and competition sites.

However, horseboxes are not just a method of transport, they are an investment, and you’d want to protect your investment in order to protect your prized stock.

Can I Insure My Horsebox?

Horseboxes can be a part of a vehicle, including sleeping space much like a motor home, or as separate units such as horse trailers.

Because they can be cumbersome whilst on the road, and the animals in transit can be unpredictable and easily spooked if not used to travel on the road. In the event of an accident, the risk to other road users is high, particularly as the result of a spooked horse, which can put other road users in danger if they bolt into the road.

Horsebox insurance policies are based loosely around standard motor insurance, with a few specialist features mixed in to add extra layers of protection because of the increased risk.

  • Breakdown Cover

    Should you break down on the way to, or coming back from an event, breakdown cover from a horsebox insurance broker can help you to ensure that you and your animals get safely to where you want to go.

    Some brokers may offer to pay for transport to nearby stables while you get your car fixed; others may be able to arrange alternative transport back home for yourself and your horses while also arranging for your horsebox to be recovered and taken to a local garage for repairs.

  • Public Liability

    Public liability insurance offers you protection from third party claims with regards to your horsebox. It could be that someone has been injured when opening the rear door of the horsebox or your animal could be suddenly spooked and kick out, injuring someone in the process.

    Public liability cover can help to cover you against such incidents, so speak with your broker about adding some to your horsebox insurance policy.

  • Contents Cover

    Contents insurance will help to you to protect the equipment you need to safely transport your animals, including tack and groom accessories.

    If you own a larger horsebox, in which equipment is also stored, it may be worth protecting the contents of your vehicle in case of an accident. You may have thousands of pounds’ worth of tack, saddles and other equipment contained within and wish to protect your livery livelihood against theft or damage in the event of an accident.

    Also, be sure to disclose to your insurer if you have a sleeping area built into your horsebox to see if you are covered by your policy.

  • Restricted Mileage

    Because you will be using the horsebox on an occasional basis, it can be worth talking to your broker and seeing about agreeing a ‘restricted mileage’ on your policy.

    Restricted mileage policies allow you to set a limit as to the amount of miles you predict you’ll cover in a year, and providing you don’t go over this you can save yourself a little on your insurance.

    For example; let’s say you only do 2000 miles per year travelling to events, by agreeing this maximum mileage with your insurer you can reduce the cost of your horsebox insurance per year. Just be sure to let your insurer know if you wish to increase the yearly mileage as this may affect the price of your policy.

  • Restricted driver policy

    If you have specific drivers for your horsebox, naming them on the horsebox insurance policy can help to save you money, particularly if you’ve got experience and some No Claims Discount on other policies – which could lead to a careful driver discount for your horsebox.

    When it comes to the vehicle itself, size matters. Larger and heavier vehicles, even without the horse inside it, can be more expensive to insure. The size, gross weight and engine size of the vehicle can make a difference to your premium.

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