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There are many different types of high performance cars – ranging from small and snazzy sports cars to powerful Japanese cars designed for rally driving – all of which are designed to be used on both the road and on a track, providing enthusiasts with the adrenaline rush they crave.

What Can Be Classed as A Performance Car?

From Audis to Zondas, high performance cars are popular with those who love the adrenaline rush when it comes to driving. Whether for everyday driving or taking to the track, high performance cars demand an air of respect when it comes to driving them, but also insuring them.

Because of their engine size, cost to repair and rate of acceleration, performance cars are at the top end of the insurance scale due to their specifications and perceived risk factor, so high performance car insurance doesn’t come cheap.

How Can I Reduce The Cost Of My Insurance?

However, there are things you can do to help reduce the cost of insuring your expensive motor:

  • Drive safely – accumulating some No Claims Bonus can help you with reducing the cost of your premium
  • Add another driver – by adding an older, more experienced driver to your policy you can reduce your premium by sharing your driving duties.
  • Watch your mileage – if you occasionally use the car for shows and events you could benefit from a low mileage agreement with your insurance broker, be sure to enquire about this when looking for high performance car insurance.
  • Protect your performance car – adding additional security such as alarms and locking devices can help to deter thieves, as well as:
  • Where you keep the vehicle – by putting your vehicle into storage such as a garage you can help reduce the likelihood of theft by keeping it out of sight of potential thieves.
  • Get a Pass Plus qualification – Pass Plus is an additional driving qualification that you can take in order to better yourself as a driver while at the same time reducing your premiums.

Experience can count for a lot when it comes to your insurance cost, and young drivers will pay a higher premium price at first, especially for a high performance car. There are specialist young driver insurance policies available, as well as advanced driving courses to boost awareness and reduce premiums. Check out our guide to reducing young drivers premiums for further information.

I Only Use It For Track Days, Can I Pay Less Insurance?

If your vehicle is not an everyday runaround car and you make use of it for track days, events or meets, then it’s worth talking with specialist high performance car insurance brokers to see about arranging a low mileage agreement to save you some money on your car insurance.

Example: you drive the vehicle to and from a track before participating in a track, however you may only do this several times per year. Work out the mileage to and from the venue and then let your broker know, the occasional use may help to reduce your premium.

Can I Get Any Qualifications To Help?

The Pass Plus course is run by the Institute of Advanced Motorists and covers advanced techniques such as night time driving, driving on motorways and driving during rush-hour traffic. Gaining such a qualification, along with accumulating some No Claims Bonus with careful driving habits, can help to reduce your premiums in future by showing that you are a safe driver.

I’ve Made Some Modifications, Will This Affect My Premium?

High performance vehicles can be powerful enough as they are, but many enthusiasts like to make modifications to their vehicle, either to increase power or just add a bit of styling to their vehicle.

Modifications can make a difference to your policy, be it adding a few more horsepower to your engine, fitting a new exhaust or souping up the sound system, because of the increased risk associated with these changes it’ll likely have an effect on your high performance car insurance policy.

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