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Whether you’re a self-employed electrician or have a business comprised of a small team of electricians, having the right insurance cover is essential to ensure your on-the-job protection.

Electrician insurance helps to protect when on the job, for they are working in the vicinity of high voltage currents, which present health and safety risks.

Electricians and their employers also have to ensure they are qualified for the job and have the relevant NICEIC qualifications to be able to do the job.

Depending on the type of environment you or your team work in determines the risk factor of a job. Different environments can include:

  • Domestic – carrying out repairs at customers’ houses, including rewiring as part of renovation and also setting up new-build houses
  • Commercial – carrying out electrical work at commercial premises such as shops, restaurants and offices, often including PAT testing new equipment as part of a new build or office setup.
  • Industrial – working in factories, power plants and other industrial environments, often at height using a harness – for which specialised training must be provided

Each area comes with a different risk factor, including the need for additional safety equipment to carry out the task, including harness training for working at height and PAT training

What Is Covered In A Policy?

There are a number of factors when it comes to electrician insurance cover:

  • Public Liability insurance

    This level of cover is designed to protect electricians against claims made by members of the public, who may have sustained injury or damage to property as a result of any work you may have completed – this can range from faulty wiring that causes shocks to sparks which present fire hazards.

    If, after investigation, the electrician was found to be at fault, electricians insurance would help to cover any legal costs and compensation awarded to the third party.

  • Employers Liability insurance

    Employers’ Liability helps to protect businesses against claims made by employees as a result of being injured at work or they become ill as a result of work they do for you.

There are also a number of extras you can add to your electrician insurance policy, these vary from broker to broker but can include the following business-critical features:

  • Tools cover – many electricians carry their tools in their vans, so insuring the contents of their work vehicle as well as the vehicle itself can help protect against theft and damage by a third party.
  • Commercial work – helps to cover you should you be required to carry out work at a commercial premises, especially important for domestic electricians who secure such commercial contracts.
  • Work at height – ensures that electricians who work at height; including ladders, cherry pickers and hoists are safely protected against injury or incident on the job
  • Cover for work abroad – covers electricians who go on to projects outside of the UK, such as rewiring projects in other countries
  • Cover for staff and sub-contractors – useful for small businesses who have a team of electricians working for them
  • Financial loss cover – protects your clients against loss of earnings as a result of delay in opening due to your work – either the quality of such or delays caused by electricians workmanship
  • Legal expenses and advice – offers advice where needed on anything from VAT investigations to resolving issues with staff members

Ensuring that you’re insured against all risky situations, as well as having yourself and your staff having the right qualifications for the job can make a difference when it comes to finding an electricians insurance policy to suit you.

Membership to an organisation such as the Electrical Contractors Association can also provide you with a vital resource for businesses when it comes to issues surrounding electricians and other contractors.

If you’re interested in training as an electrician, check out our handy guide as to what you can expect to learn.

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