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Courier services deliver everything from parcels to food to new cars, making use of vehicles from bicycles to vans in order to ensure you get your orders on time.

Businesses tend to use lighter vehicles to make their deliveries, especially those who transport food. Whilst smaller deliveries can easily be transported using bicycles and scooters, many still use a fleet of vans in order to make deliveries, move stock from branch to branch and to transport replacement equipment in the event of breakdowns.

When it comes to the vehicles in a courier fleet, companies must make sure they have secured some courier fleet insurance in order to protect their vehicles if they are damaged on duty, either during a delivery or on the journey back to their home base.

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Insurance?

Insuring multiple vehicles at once on a courier fleet insurance policy can be beneficial as it can help you to save money as opposed to insuring each vehicle individually.

Some brokers will offer multi-vehicle ‘mixed fleet’ policies depending on the size of your fleet, so it can be worth checking with your broker to see if you could save by securing your vehicles using one policy instead of several.

What Is Usually In A Courier Insurance Policy?

Each broker will be different with regards to what features they offer, but you’re likely to find the following on courier fleet insurance policies:

  • Unlimited mileage allowance – if your vehicles are on the road all day every day, getting some unlimited mileage on your fleet could free up your fleet to take more business.
  • Replacement vehicle cover – should one of your fleet vehicles break down during a job, replacement vehicle cover can help get you a like-for-like vehicle to help you get back on the road while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • Goods In Transit cover – helps to cover the cost of your payload in the event of damage sustained in an accident and also in the event of the vehicle being stolen.
  • Public Liability – helps to cover your fleet vehicles against damage caused by a third party.
  • Employers’ Liability – helps to cover you against claims brought against you by an employee who may have sustained injury on the job.
  • Driver’s personal belongings cover – a sort of contents insurance for the cab, helping to protect the property of your drivers against theft or damage, including sat navs and mobile phones.
  • Equipment cover – helps to protect equipment which may be stored in the van, including rope, security straps, refrigerated boxes and tarpaulin.

What Vehicles Can I Cover On A Courier Fleet Policy?

Couriers use a range of vehicles in order to do business – from mopeds to light goods vehicles (LGV) which weigh less than 3.5 tonnes – these can range from the iconic Ford Transit van, to smaller minivans, pickup trucks and larger vans which may have additional features such as lifting winches or tail lifts for use while transporting goods.

If you’ve any larger vehicles in your courier fleet, including trucks and vans that have a gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes for transporting larger loads, then you’ll need to look at some HGV insurance to make sure these are covered.

If you carry hazardous goods be sure to mention this to your broker as it may affect the price of your policy as some may exclude you from a policy because of this. Speak to your broker to see if you are covered, or you may need to look into specialist insurance types for particular products.

When looking for courier fleet insurance, be as accurate as you can be with details about your vehicles and the cargo you carry in order to get the best possible policy.

If you’re searching for a better fleet insurance quote, let us here at Quotiva help! With just a few quick details about yourself and your fleet, we’ll search our network of UK brokers to find you the best deal on your courier fleet insurance.


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