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Chauffeurs are drivers who are hired to drive clients on a pre-booked basis, usually in a luxury vehicle such as a Rolls-Royce or Bentley Continental, even larger vehicles such as Hummers and limousines.

Indeed, depending on the client’s demands, even prestige cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis can be used for chauffeuring them. Clients can range from businessmen on the way to an important board meeting to celebrities on their way to events such as gigs and movie screenings.

What Makes A Chauffeur?

Chauffeurs are usually dressed very smartly, think black tuxedo with matching tie, a pair of leather gloves and a chauffeurs’ hat.

Chauffeurs are usually depicted as being older, more experienced drivers (think Alfred Pennyworth or Parker from Thunderbirds), chauffeuring can be a common step on the career ladder for experienced taxi drivers.

When it comes to insuring chauffeurs, their vehicle is viewed in much the same way as a Private Hire vehicle such as a taxi. Services usually have to be pre-booked by clients, who can request to be picked up at airports and train stations and or taken from their hotel to an event, even back to the airport afterwards.

Because of the manner of the vehicles’ use, specialist chauffeur insurance is required to cover vehicles used for chauffeuring purposes.

Does It Differ From A Taxi?

Unlike a taxi, a chauffeur-driven vehicle will not usually have a two-way radio for appointments are pre-booked, and pre-paid for by clients – this can also apply to limousine hire for private parties.

Do I Need A Special Type Of Insurance?

Chauffeur insurance can be expensive, usually due to the value of the vehicles they drive, but if you’ve experienced drivers who have accumulated No Claims Discount as a result of careful driving then this can help bring down the cost of a policy.

Public Liability (PL) cover is also advised when insuring a chauffeur-driven vehicle, as this can help cover you against any claims brought against you by clients who have suffered personal injury or property damage as a result of driver errors.

Chauffeurs can either work on a freelance basis, but are commonly part of a fleet of vehicles, usually based in city centres or close to airports.

How Can I Train To Become A Chauffeur?

Chauffeurs will have usually had a degree of driving experience before their initial training, indeed chauffeuring is a common step up for those who have previously worked in a driving job – including former taxi drivers and even HGV drivers.

Before you can begin ferrying passengers you will need to ensure that you are trained to an advanced level of driving, and there are a number of courses available to you.

Many companies will require chauffeurs to undergo extra training as part of the hiring process, this can include advanced driving techniques and how they react to certain scenarios, including flat tires at high speed.

Chauffeur courses, through which you can acquire qualifications, will also help to prepare you in areas that are vital to ensuring a client arrives safe, on time and happy, including:

  • Client management – such as the procedures involved with dealing with celebrities, even including the procedure for opening the door for your client
  • Procedures of the use of two-way radios
  • Driving in a convoy
  • What to do in the event of an incident or accident – including first aid
  • Vehicle maintenance, including thorough cleaning

Using a combination of theory and role-play to simulate situations, chauffeur training can help prepare you for a challenging and exciting career change.

If you’re interested in becoming a chauffeur as part of your career change, check out our training to be a chauffeur guide.

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