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If you’ve ever been on a school outing, an away day at the football or a day trip within the UK, you’ve more than likely been transported by coach. These large vehicles have helped ferry us for years, as well as bussed our favourite teams and bands to their venues in large comfortable tour buses.

Over the years, coaches have changed in design, with many having improvements to their hygiene facilities, comfortable seating and include entertainment systems to stop you getting bored on longer journeys, or on-board wi-fi so you can use your own devices.

For coach owners, ensuring you have the relevant coach insurance is a big part of running the business. Finding a cheap quote isn’t always easy due to the size of the vehicle itself, but you can help keep the costs down by asking yourself a few things.

What Are Common Uses Of The Coach?

Depending on what you use the coach for you may be subject to different terms when it comes to insurance.

If you have a coach specifically for bussing your employees to work or to company ventures; or are a charity who uses the vehicle for fundraising activities, you may be exposed to different risks than those associated with public hire coaches.

Public hire coaches are those which deal with tours, school trips, holiday excursions and the like. Aspects such as time of travel and even location to and from your destination can have an effect on your quote.

Coaches that are used in built-up areas such as city centres will have a higher risk factor due to their large, cumbersome nature. Extra care needs to be taken while driving coaches, and ensuring your drivers are experienced can help not only keep your customers safe but also to help lower your premiums.

How Old Is The Vehicle?

As with any motor vehicle, the age of your coach will have an effect on your insurance premium. Many modern coaches will be designed to last, but if you have older style coaches in your fleet then these may be more prone to breakdown, so may be a little more expensive to insure.

How Many Vehicles In Your Fleet?

Depending on how many coaches you have in your fleet, you might find it cheaper to insure the fleet as a single unit, rather than each individual vehicle. Check out our fleet insurance pages for more information.

How Experienced Are Your Drivers?

Coach drivers also have to be qualified to pilot their vehicles, and to have obtained a coach drivers licence before starting work for your fleet.

When it comes to keeping insurance costs down, experience counts, so ensuring your drivers are qualified and safe to work. As with a regular car insurance policy, younger drivers are seen as more of a risk and so might be more expensive to insure.

Drivers’ No Claims Bonus can also play a part in reducing your premium as well, so accumulating NCB while working for you can be important to keeping the costs down. This can particularly handy if you’ve a fleet of coaches, as you could get a collective saving as a result.

If you’re interested in training to become a coach driver, check out our useful guide to the process.

Taking A Coach Abroad

If your coach business travels abroad with passengers, you need to ensure your vehicles are covered when they’re on the continent. Roads and rules of the road will change as you cross country borders, but having some European cover will help ensure that you’ll be covered in the event of incidents that weren’t the fault of your driver.

European cover may be available from your broker, and whilst this might mean a slightly higher insurance premium you can be safe in the knowledge that your vehicles are covered during those European excursions.

Are There Any Official Bodies In The Industry?

For coach fleet owners, membership to organisations in your industry – including the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) – can help provide a very useful resource for any issues you may face.

Whether you’re a coach fleet owner or have a standalone vehicle for business use, compare coach insurance quotes here at Quotiva and find a deal to suit you and your business.


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