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With a network of waterways flowing around the UK, dinghies and other small water craft such as canoes, sculls and rowing boats are popular with enthusiasts and racers.

Whether you paddle for recreation or row for sport, it’s important to ensure that your vessel is insured against damage and theft, both while you’re on the water and when your boat is in storage at home or at a marina.

Insuring your boat against theft and accidental damage is an essential part of boat ownership. Whether you use your craft for leisure or for racing, getting the right type of cover for your vessel can help to save you money should anything untoward happen.

As with many types of insurance, the larger the vessel the more expensive it will be to insure, so depending on your experience level it can be worth thinking about how expensive a model of boat you wish to purchase.

There are three types of small boating vessel in use, each of which will need its’ own specialist type of insurance:

Dinghy Insurance

A sailing dinghy is a small boat designed for racing in, dinghy racing is a popular spectator sport around the UK, especially in the South of England.

Dinghies come in a variety of sizes and classes, including:

  • Catamarans
  • Racing dinghies
  • Cruising dinghies
  • Classic dinghies
  • Safety dinghies
  • High-performance dinghies
  • Cruiser-racer dinghies
  • Sports boats

If you own a dinghy, either for racing or recreation, you’re likely to transport it between venues and waterways using a trailer. In this case, getting some trailer insurance can add a little extra protection during transit, both on the journey to the water and also during storage on the riverbank.

Canoe and Kayak Insurance

Canoes and kayaks are lightweight, narrow boats designed for traversing rivers, and are popular with those who like to combine their travel by water with camping, or just having a relaxing paddle on the many picturesque lakes around the UK.

The vessels themselves range in size from open wooden kayaks with room to carry supplies and passengers to plastic, lightweight, one-person canoes for cruising, with some canoes designed for racing down and traversing white water courses.

Whether you own a canoe for recreation or racing, getting it insured can make a difference should anything happen to your vessel. Many insurers will offer cover for both on the water and also when you store the vessel, protecting it against theft and accidental damage.

Rowing Boat / Scull Boat Insurance

Rowing boats and sculls are those powered by using your own strength and a couple of oars, these vessels range from larger recreational boats to slimline racing sculls that we associate with events such as the University Boat Race.

Sport rowing is a popular hobby, and being a member of a rowing club could help with the insurance premiums on your boat.

Whether you row casually or for competition, insuring your rowboat can help protect your vessel against theft and damage. Factors such as where you store the vessel and how you transport it can have an effect on your insurance premium.

Boat Storage

Where you store the vessel can have an impact on the cost of your dinghy insurance, whether it’s under a cover on your driveway or in protected storage such as a garage.

Ensuring your vessel is adequately protected when off the water can help make a difference to your insurance cost, especially if you take steps to protect it further using products such as CCTV systems and even locks on storage trailers.

Club Membership

When it comes to insuring your vessel, membership to organisations associated to your vessel – such as the British Canoe Union – as well as having qualifications from said organisation can boost your experience and help save you money on your dinghy insurance.

You need membership to an organisation such as the BCU in order to be able to make use of the waterways of the UK. But membership also brings with it other benefits, including potential savings on insurance policies as well as putting you in touch with fellow enthusiasts, who can help add to your experience.

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