What cookies we use, what they typically contain, why we use them and where to find out information about deleting them.

What are cookies?

Way back when the web was designed, nobody dreamed of the things we can do here. The technology didn't know who you were from one click to the next ("stateless" is the term). That was fine when all anyone wanted to do was click from one text document to the next. Web servers are pretty simple - every time you ask one for a new page, you're asking as a completely new person, like checking out in the supermarket and needing to do it separately for every item in your basket.

So cookies were invented as a simple solution to the problem.

They're basically small bits of text that usually contain what looks like random letters and numbers. When you ask our webserver for a new page, your browser sends the cookie back so it knows it's talking to the same person.

Cookies we use

We don't use many cookies, but the ones we do are either essential to make the site work properly, or very important to helping us run our business properly without imposing on user privacy or expectation. Here's what we set along with a couple of services our site uses and typical information you might see therein if you look in your browser settings:

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    PREFID=9aa4e9a5a7dbadf:U= caa9ee1a680aa11d:FF=0:TM= 1332251718:LM=1337291016:S= MVOKNm_QpURrxZLmk
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