Unoccupied Home Insurance
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As soon as you have completed the form we immediately pass it to leading UK brokers who specialise in vacant building insurance.They will contact you directly and quote you with their own rates. Whether you're an accidental property owner and just require cheap insuance for an unoccupied house. Or if you're property owner that requires contents insurance or both building and contents insurance for an unoccupied property, there will be property insurance brokers waiting for you.

Unoccupied house insurance

Our form should provide most of the data a broker will need to quote you. However, discuss your unoocupied home insurance quote broker that contacts you, what cover is best for you as there are so many varying factors:

  • Property type, detached, terrace, flat, bungalow etc.
  • Listed building.
  • No. of bedrooms.
  • Alarm fitted.
  • Window and Door lock standards
  • Construction
  • Contents

Remember it's important to compare both policy features as well as the price of your quote. It's always worth shopping around for your insurance.

Vacant home insurance

Each insurance company is looking to insure something different. Some will look to to avoid risks in certain postcode areas. Others might want more risky sites or perhaps they will only want properties of a certain type. Either way, by using our service, we hope you'll find a quote that's right for you. Please click for a comparison using our service - all our brokers are UK FSA registered.