Trailer Tent Insurance
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Trailer tent insurance is made easier with our unique system to connect you with the UK brokers who specialise in trailers.

You simply fill in your details on our single page quote form and we pass your details directly to insurance brokers ready to prepare a competitive quote comparison. They will prepare quotes individually from the schemes they have available from their insurer panels to get the best rates and cover.

When shopping for folding camper insurance...

... there are a few things to consider. Make sure you have a good conversation with your broker to cover all the options you might need. Quotations might include provisions for items like these (but not always!):

  • Emergency accomodation expenses if your camping is foiled!
  • Legal advice.
  • Towing and trailer tent storage cover.
  • Lending your trailer tent to friends and family.
  • No claims discount.
  • UK, European or Worldwide coverage with limits on periods of stay.
  • Public liability cover.
  • Trailer breakdown insurance.
  • Weather damage.

When arranging insurance cover for camping tents, you'll need to know things like the make, model and value and also contents value (although personal effects and AV gear might not be covered - check the fine print).

If you use your trailer tents for anything other than holidaying your broker will need to know that too. Also, if you've ever made an insurance claim before you'll probably need dates and details of that along with any documents.

Sometimes membership to a camping club might be taken into account. Volunteering for a higher excess can sometimes reduce premiums too. The type of security device, if any, that you use might be taken into account - Club Secure Active Tracker, Phantom Active Tracker or an AL-KO Secure Wheel lock being examples.

Pop up tents in short..

The broker might need lots of details to find you the best quote they can, it's up to you as the insured to make sure the information you give is accurate. Good luck and happy camping!