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Pubs are a staple part of the UK high street; from gastropubs that serve more than just pork scratchings to an every growing number of microbreweries and small enterprises with quirky beer names.

And with associations such as the Campaign For Real Ale helping to promote British brews, the British beer and ale scene is going through something of a revival, with independent brewers and microbreweries increasing in popularity each year.

When it comes to owning a pub, as well as ensuring they have the relevant licensing to enable them to serve alcohol, landlords must also ensure that they have some pub insurance in place to protect their premises, staff and customers.

What Is Pub Insurance?

Pub insurance is made up of several types of insurance, all of which help to protect an area of your business:

  • Stock Insurance

    Pubs usually contain a lot of expensive equipment – from kitchen equipment to quiz machines and even themed furniture depending on the establishment – and ensuring these are insured against damage or theft is something for the landlord to think about.

    Stock can also include the food and drink you have on site; whether its kegs of beer in the cellar or food kept in fridges and freezers, all of which are vital to your takings.

    It is important to make a list of the costs of these items in order to ensure you recoup the correct value of your goods in the event of a claim.

    Making sure your premises is covered by some kind of security system – such as a burglar alarm or CCTV system – can help to reduce the cost of your pub insurance quote by proving to your provider that you have taken additional steps to protect your property.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Your customers are your business, and protecting this business is vital to running a pub. Negligence on your part could prove costly to your business, whether it’s due to a customer tripping over a loose floorboard or sustaining injury as a result of negligence by a staff member.

    Having some public liability insurance can help ensure you are covered should any claims be brought against you by customers.

  • Loss of License Insurance

    To a public house, the licence is it’s lifeblood, for without it they are unable to serve alcohol. Loss of license insurance helps to cover the costs of lost business as a result of a pub losing its’ license due to causes out of its’ control – such as a refusal of a renewal by the licensing authority for whatever reason.

  • Money Cover

    Pubs will usually hold a lot of money on their premises as they handle a lot of cash, and whilst digital technologies such as contactless technology are making it easier to pay for a round without paper money there will still be a lot of coinage on the premises.

    Pubs may also have a cash machine on site, which would increase the amount of cash on the premises, so protecting this as well can help reduce losses in the event of theft.

    With the advent of the gastropub, pubs are now viewed as establishments for food as well as drink, providing families and gourmands with a chance to dine out while sampling their local brews.

    With this comes a slight increase in risk factor due to having expensive cooking equipment such as ovens and deep fat fryers on your premises, and ensuring your pub insurance covers this equipment is essential when it comes to recouping costs.

What About My Staff?

If you employ a workforce in your pub you must also make sure you have some employers’ liability insurance taken out, for this helps to protect you against claims brought against you by members of your staff who may have sustained injury or illness as a result of your negligence.

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