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Motor Trade Round-Up

by Tim on April 1, 2010

So, here we are — already entering the fourth month of 2010! With time going this quickly, you’ve probably found it difficult to keep up with all that juicy motor industry news.

Well, here’s a quick round-up for you. Motor Trader, the motor trade bible for many, reported yesterday that according to Glass’s Guide Ford increased their prices a little too much in ‘09.

Adrian Rushmore, Glass’s Guide managing editor, states that Ford ‘arguably went too far by implementing four rounds of rises, equivalent to an average 14 per cent hike across all of its model ranges’.

Judging by the number of new Fiestas that can be seen on the road at the moment, the price rise doesn’t seem to have caused any great damage to Ford’s sales.

It looks like consumer costs may be rising even further too — a new showroom tax begins today. The tax will be paid by motorists and will be based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions — the cleaner the car, the cheaper the one-off tax payment.

Cars that emit less than 130g CO2/km will be exempt from the vehicle excise tax for the first year of ownership. Cars that omit over 255g CO2/km per year will have to pay nearly £1000 in their first year of ownership, with rates returning to standard after the first year (considerably less than the first year cost!).

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