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What is Pick-Up Insurance?

In the event that your pick-up is damaged, stolen or taken off the road, commercial pickup insurance can provide financial and livelihood protection. Because there are many custom pickups, American pickup trucks and other imports (Japanese, EU, USA) as well as specialist requirements for commercial use, you can find some insurance companies offer special schemes and features outside the remit of normal motor cover.

What's the Difference - Personal v Commercial Cover

Underwriters will look at commercial vehicles differently. For starters they're more likely to have modifications like suspension lifts and winches, and will often be used for a lorry in the building and allied trades (roofers, bricklayers, plasterers, fencers, landscapers, contractors etc). A skilled laborer might need to carry hazardous goods, insure a tipper or require liability insurance as an optional extra, and insurance for a farmers pickup might have its own special needs. Talk to your broker and find out where the gaps and opportunities are in your policy - don't just buy cheap!

On the other hand, trucks used for pleasure tend to be modified pickups with things like snorkels, performance exhausts, bodykits, spoilers, alloys or even bigfoot conversions. Prestige and performance models are more likely to be personal, and sometimes you can find options for club membership discounts, race day cover and show cover for your 4x4.

What Kind of Pickup Can Be Insured?

Compacts, full size, dropside, twincab, mini... most can, although watch out if you're importing something yourself - it's worth checking first. You'll find all the popular brands like Toyota Hilux, Mitusbishi Warrior, Rodeo Denver, Barbarian, For Rangers and so on, but some schemes might make exclusions for more specialist vehicles like double cabs, tippers, classic pickups and American vans.

What Affects the Premiums?

In addition to the above, your premium will change for the usual reasons:

Security: Is your vehicle stored overnight in a secure compound, off or on road? Security discounts might be available for recognised devices.

Drivers and Cover: Any driver cover will be much more pricey than named drivers, and conviction / claims history will all play a role. Comprehensive gives you more protection, but TPFT is cheaper.

Mileage: More miles per year means more risk. Watch out for the brackets that the insurers apply too - they'll often make their rates up by lumping risks together - up to 10K miles, 10K to 15K etc - don't guess at 10K if you only do 7K or you could find an extra percentage on your premium.

No Claims Discounts: NCB can massively change your premium and is worth protecting. If this is a new vehicle you might be able to "transfer bonus" from another policy that you own (sometimes called "mirror bonus").

Optional Extras on Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quote

As people search for cheap truck insurance and prices have been pushed down, insurers will compete by adding more features to their insurance for pickup. Some might be essential, so create a checklist before you get your online quote:

  • Windscreen Cover
  • European Cover for days out the country
  • Legal Protection
  • Truck Liability Insurance

  • Breakdown and Accident / RAC / AA Assistance

  • Hire Vehicle as a replacement
  • Repairs at your choice of garage
  • Canopy cover
  • Legal Expense Cover
  • Audio or Satnav Cover