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4x4 vehicles are becoming more visible on UK roads as time passes. However, due to the bad press they have received in the past, insuring a FWD car can be expensive. The reason for this is insurers believe that a heavy vehicle is more likely to cause more damage to a third party in an accident due to its size and weight and thus cost more should they have to make a pay out. However, most 4x4 drivers are safe and considerate and so do not warrant this concern. With this in mind it can really pay off to seek out specialist 4x4 brokers who can offer you far better and often more affordable four by four policies -- this is exactly what Quotiva can help you do.

Quotiva can help you find insurance cover for all kinds of Land Rovers, Range Rovers, the Defender, Freelanders Mitsubishis, Jeeps, Isuzu Troopers, Toyota Landcruisers and more.

What to look for in a 4x4 policy

Much of a 4x4 car insurance policy follows the same set of rules found in a standard UK motor cover policy -- other than the vehicle's size and weight very little is different to a standard road vehicle. If you'd like to view a glossary of motor insurance terms -- just in case a broker is being particularly confusing! -- you can do so at on our convenient insurance guide page.

However, there are still some features to look out for that are specific to 4x4 cover.

Do you carry out any specific 4x4 activities in your vehicle?

That's right, not everyone that owns a 4x4 likes to stick to standard routes and roads. For example, if you're a big fan of green laning you should let your broker know this. Green laning is a hobby that involves driving your vehicle on unsurfaced public highways. This doesn't mean driving at the speed of light through fields of mud, but generally traveling with consideration down BOATs (Byway Open to All Traffic), standard roads and UCRs (Unclassified County Roads). Some brokers will offer your Off road cover which will allow you to enjoy not only green laning, but also more exhilarating driving on 4x4 courses for competition purposes and take into account the added risks your vehicle will be exposed to.


Of course if you are enjoying off-roading with your 4x4 it's likely that you have had to make a few modifications. This could be anything from adding a snorkel to allow an easy airflow in muddy and wet conditions or wheel and suspension upgrades. If you've spent a lot of money on these parts you may want to speak to your broker and arrange a set value for your vehicle.

Business use

Of course some people use their vehicles for business purposes. If you own a farm and use your 4x4 to tow and carry items around your land or are perhaps a rural doctor that uses a 4x4 vehicle to travel around and visit patients it's best to let your broker know that the vehicle is being used for both social and business use. If you own a pick up truck and use it for either business or domestic use, why not look at our specific pick up insurance page.

How can I save money on my 4x4 Insurance policy?

Of course one way to save money on your 4 x 4 insurance cover is to have built up a few years of NCB on your 4x4 or standard motor policy (most brokers will allow you to mirror your built up discount on a separate policy). There are other ways to find discounts too such as:

  • Join a 4x4 club! Most brokers see vehicle owners that are part of a motor club as safe customers. This is because becoming a club member shows that you're enthusiastic and caring towards your vehicle.
  • Increase your voluntary excess. If you're willing to pay more toward repair costs should you have an accident, brokers are usually willing to drop the price of your premium.
  • Look at how your secure and store your vehicle. The safer your vehicle is the better -- a car alarm or immobilser will make your four wheel driver car less susceptible to theft. Keeping your vehicle in a garage will also keep it off the street and away from thieves, resulting in a noticeable discount on your premium.

There are a lot of policy features a broker may ask if you'd like -- anything from breakdown cover to an included courtesy car -- it's best to chat in detail to ensure you find the cover that protects your vehicle as much as necessary.