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Who needs minibus insurance?

Essentially anyone that uses a minibus on a British road needs to have the appropriate motor insurance to go with it. Minibuses are used by many groups and organisations, be it for planned trips or day to day transport. It's not just commercial entities and non-profit organisations that use minibuses, large families also use them as well as Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) to get around.

Before we begin at length to describe minibus policies, we thought it would be best to highlight a few specific details that will be relevant to certain drivers:

If you are operating a private hire minibus taxi, you may want to have a look at our taxi insurance. page. Your cover will tend to be different from most other minibus insurance policies as you will require insurance for carrying the general public on a hire and reward basis. The type of hire and reward cover you require will depend on whether you operate as a purely private hire taxi service (vehicle booked for appointment via taxi office), or public hire (hailed by the public at any time -- in the case of a minibus, perhaps an airpot shuttle).

Something that will apply to various minibus drivers -- be it teachers who drive a minibus as part of their job or anybody that earns a salary through driving the vehicle -- is the need for training to drive a minibus, proven by obtaining the PCV D1 driving entitlement.

What is the PCV D1 driving entitlement?

Generally a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) license is unnecessary if you operating the vehicle voluntarily and carry less than nine passengers. However to drive a vehicle with over nine seats, not only will you need to be a minimum of 21 years of age, but you will also need to pick up a PCV D1 entitlement if:

  • You passed your driving test in 1997 onwards and will be paid whilst driving the minibus
  • You are a teacher employed by a school/college and have to drive the minibus as part of your vocation
  • The minibus weighs more than 3.5 tonnes
  • You have held a UK driving license for less than two years
  • The minibus will be towing a trailer

However, even if you do not need a PCV D1 entitlement, you may be able to save some money on your minibus insurance policy if you take a Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, which are offered by the Community Transport Association.

So what will affect the cost of my minibus insurance?

As with all motor policies, various risks must be taken account of before a minibus broker can offer you a quote to cover your vehicle.

A standard factor is age of driver. As is typical with motor insurance policies in the UK, any driver under 25 is statistically a greater risk on the road than drivers over 25 and this is usually reflected in their more costly premiums. Please also keep in mind that to drive a minibus with over nine seats or more, the driver must be a minimum age of 21.

Another factor is the vehicle itself ... How large is the minibus and who is the vehicle's manufacturer? An expensive minibus will cost more to insure than a cheaper vehicle, particularly if the vehicle is being insured with comprehensive cover -- expensive parts will leads to expensive repair costs!

Something else that will have an impact on the cost of your cover is what the minibus is used for. For example, a tour operating firm that uses their minibus to give tourists daily trips through Cornish roads is likely to be a very different risk to a cricket team's bus used occasionally for long distance matches.

Security is also a factor that will affect your minibus premium. A flick through a local newspaper often illustrates just how vulnerable minibuses are to vandalism. With additional security on your vehicle, be it a tracking device, immobiliser or by storing your vehicle in a garage away from the street, you can make a difference to the cost of your minibus insurance premium.

Additional cover

There are a few optional extras that may be of use to those using a minibus for commercial of social purposes. If you're working with the public there is always risk of an accidental injury or of something getting broken. With public liability insurance you can be protected against any claims made against you should accidental damage be caused to a third party.

Also, it's well worth asking your minibus broker if they offer any form of breakdown cover. Being stranded in a broken down minibus miles from home with 20 passengers may be a stressful experience for all involved. With breakdown cover, it can be a lot less taxing, especially if your policy offers you replacement transport for you and your passengers.


Whilst most vehicles are insured on annual policies, it may also be possible to find cover for short term or temporary minibus insurance. This may be of use if you only want to cover the minibus for a very short period of time. This is a great option for schools who may only need the vehicle for 10 or so days at a time and it allows for a vehicle to be shared by a group of establishments. Remember to check through your policy carefully with your minibus broker to make sure if offers you the cover you need.