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Ice cream van insurance is really a type of mobile catering cover (more about that on our catering van and trailer insurance page). It's different to regular van insurance as it often combines some useful extras (some of which will help you comply with ice cream van laws).

Your ice-cream van policy will normally provide for various areas of your business, so look out for the key points relating to:

  • Liability limits - how much and what is covered. The essentials are public liability (to protect against damage or injury to third parties and their property - think food poisoning and small children running around), employer's liability (if you employ someone on any basis). Check if liability limits are for any single event, or in aggregate for the life of the policy.
  • Discounts for fleets of ice cream vans - if you have more than one van, you might be able to cover them all on the same policy for additional discounts
  • Driving restrictions - who's allowed to drive the van. As always, named drivers will be cheaper than any driver, and including young drivers will normally push the premium up or move you out of some companies' ability to provide cover.
  • Voluntary and compulsory excesses - how much of any successful claims you'll have to pay before the insurance company contributes.
  • No claims bonus - this is by far one of the biggest ways to get cheaper ice cream van insurance; rack up a few years of claim free business and you'll be rewarded with enormous discounts.
  • Discounts for security devices - like Datatag.

Much of an ice cream van policy is the same as you'd expect from any van product, but the risk is quite different in terms of what you're actually doing, and it's there that you might be able to negotiate if you're talking with a specialist insurance broker. An ice cream van that sits in one location all day is different to one that travels from street to street.

If you're planning to diversify and sell hot food from your ice cream van during colder months, make sure you're covered by discussing this with your broker. To an insurer, things look very different when heat of any kind is involved (in a similar way that Carpigiani freezer breaking presents its own special risk..)

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