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Insurance For Your Horsebox

Quotiva understands just how important a horsebox can be in the equestrian world. It's not a way to get you and horses from A to B, it's a investment; a base at competitions and even a home from home in some cases. With this in mind we also know how important it is that you find an insurance policy that is right for you, offering the protection that your horsebox needs. Please read on for more information ...

Unsurprisingly, much of a horsebox insurance policy is based around standard motor insurance, which it's likely you already know a lot about it (we'll touch on it a bit later). However, first we'd like to bring to your attention some of the more unique and specialist features that it may be worth looking out for:

Breakdown Cover

We're not talking about standard car breakdown cover here, we're talking about the kind of breakdown cover that not only helps you out when your beloved horsebox gives up the ghost, but also the lovable large mammal(s) that were journeying with you. It's really important to talk to your insurance broker about this policy feature as many brokers tend to offer slightly different deals.

For example, some horsebox insurers may pay for your horses or ponies to be transferred to a nearby livery yard and stay at these stables until you are able to pick them up. Others may be able arrange transport for your horses and your family, taking you back to your home, as well as recovering the horsebox to a suitable garage. Remember to check with your broker what's on offer.

Public Liability

If you and your horse enter competitive event then it's likely you will surround by the public. Britain is more and more becoming a claims culture -- if something goes wrong then someones to blame. You may be responsible with your horse and it may be very well behaved, but sadly accidents can still happen. With this in mind it makes sense to ask your broker about public liability (PL) insurance. PL cover offers you protection from any claims made against you relating to accidental material or bodily harm to a third party. If, for example, an accident happens when opening the rear door of your horsebox and somebody is hurt, then PL cover could protect you.

Contents Cover

If you own a larger horsebox it is possible that you may want to cover some of the contents that you keep within the vehicle -- for those that remain "on the road" this may be essential as there could be thousands of pounds worth of equipment that you want to protect. It is also essential that you let your insurer know if you there is a sleeping area in your horsebox -- a horsebox occupied overnight entails a few additional risks and it worth making sure that these are covered in your policy.

So how can I cut the cost of my horsebox insurance?

Like all motor insurance, there are some things that will affect your insurance premium and there's very little you can do about. The most obvious factor is the type of horsebox you have. The size, gross weight and engine size can have a huge impact on your premium. As can manufacturer and model of the vehicle -- if the horsebox is expensive and consists of costly parts it's going to cost a lot for the insurer to fix should it be involved in an accident. Generally the bigger and more powerful your vehicle is, the more expensive the premium is likely to be. Different brokers specialise in handling different types of vehicle and many will increase the cost of the premium if the horsebox has a gross weight of over 7.5 tonnes. Luckily there are some ways that you can cut the costs of your premium.

Restricted mileage

It's unlikely you'll be using your horsebox on your next trip to the supermarket. While this is obvious to you, make sure it's obvious to your insurer too. Cheaper quotes are often available if you agree a restricted milage with your broker. For example, if you know you'll only be attending nearby events for the next year or so, then agree a max milage of say 2000 miles (or whatever would suit your needs). This will save money, but do of course let your insurer know should you wish to increase this mileage limit within the policy year.

Restricted driver policy

Is it likely that your mother will be driving the horsebox anytime soon. What about your 18 year-old son? If the answer is no, then don't add them on to the insurance policy. Drivers over 65 and particularly drivers under 25 (especially young drivers!) can increase the cost of your horsebox insurance, try to restrict the policy to just those that really will use the vehicle. If you know that it will only ever be you who drives the thing because everyone else is scared to, just place your own name on the policy. Insurers will see this a reduced risk and will most likely offer a discount to match.

No claims bonus

If you're new the equestrian world of have only just shelled out for a horsebox then you may be worried that a lack built-up no claims bonus (NCB) will lead to a costly premium. Whilst this may be true with some brokers, others may wish to see your standard car NCB -- if you've built up a few years worth of discount they could offer a careful driver discount on your horse lorry.

This basic guide should hold you in good stead when choosing a horsebox insurance policy -- good luck!