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Beauty Insurance Tips

The hair and beauty world is diverse and varied. For example, whilst beauticians and hairdressers often work in the same premises they will be carrying out very different treatments on their clients. Whilst the insurance that they both need is similar -- quite often hair and beauty insurance shares a lot of features with standard business cover -- there are some specific factors that each profession may look for.


For those who are thinking of staring out in this industry, hairdressers typically focus specifically on a client's hair offering various options for its styling, be that a simple cut, straightening, braiding, perming, dying, bleaching or applying hair extensions/weave. Generally salons are unisex, but there are many barbers across the country that only cut men's hair and their are salons that specialise in female hair.


Beauticians generally carry out a wider range of treatments for their clients and some of these processes can carry noticeable risks. Whilst facials, pedicures and threading rarely pose a problem procedures such as applying semi-permanent make-up and fixed eyelashes can be more precarious and a customer may be very upset if the treatment does not match their expectations, which could of course lead to damages claims against the business.

Mobile Work

Both hairdressers and beauticians are able to work freelance, either at their homes or by becoming a mobile haridresser/beautician. This of course entails visiting clients in their homes and carrying all necessary tools and equipment with them whilst they're on the move.

What kind of features should I look for in my hair and beauty insurance?

There are many policy features that might appeal to both salon and mobile business owners -- here's what to discuss with your broker:

Employers' Liability Insurance

If you employ staff, employers' liability (EL) cover is a legal requirement. EL insurance will mean that you will be protected should a member of your staff be injured at work or fall ill as a result of being employed in your business. Employers are responsible for their employees safety at work and so are in most cases liable in the case of accidents and injuries.

Public Liability Insurance

Whilst Public Liability (PL) Insurance is not a legal requirement, when you're working with the public in the way that hairdressers and beauticians do, it's advised. PL insurance protects you if a damages claim is made against you by a third party should you cause bodily or material damage whilst carrying out your work.

Hair and Beauty Specific cover

Treatment Liability Insurance/ PI Cover

Treatment liability insurance is unique to hair and beauty insurance. This is a mix of both liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. For example, if you were to advise a client that a certain treatment is right for them -- for example, a certain kind of hair extension or electrolysis hair removal -- without checking that the client was not allergic to products used and caused damage to the client, or even if the client was displeased with the aesthetic result (regardless if it is temporary or not) they may make a claim against you. In a case like this it would be negligence or incorrect advice that they might bring up for trial. It pays to be covered for events like this, as mistakes and mishaps are a possibility for even the most careful hairdressers and beauticians. Some firms may have certain exclusions to their treatment policies -- for example very risky laser procedures or even tanning beds may not be covered. However, this is dependent on the insurer you choose to take cover with.

Revenue Protection

Some brokers may be able to offer you insurance against unfortunate and unplanned for events that may damage your business and revenue intake over a period of time. For example a loss of metered water may result in a significant impact on revenue in a hair salon. Equally, telephone line cover may also be available with some insurers as typically both hair salons and beauty parlors rely on the telephone to book appointments with their customers.

Is there any other insurance that may protect my hair and beauty business?

As with most businesses there are various other insurance products that can help to protect your livelihood. For example if you own the property that your business operates in, then why not look at buildings insurance : this will protect your buildings should sufficient damage cause for repair. Repair costs can be enough to bankrupt a business so it is better to be safe and sorry. Equally, contents insurance will help to protect your business if you have stock stolen or if furniture and fixtures are accidentally damaged. Again, discuss with the hair and beauty broker what level of cover is right for you. Mobile beauticians and mobile hairdressers may want to look for a policy that includes cover for their tools and equipment when in transit.