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Haulage firms are usually made up of HGVs, which are heavier, longer vehicles that are used to transport goods from cars, chilled goods and bulkier items such as steel girders for construction work.

Haulage vehicles such as trucks are much heavier than a standard courier vehicle, such as a mail van; therefore there is an increased risk to other road users if something should go wrong on a journey to a customer site.

Because of this, haulage firms need a different type of insurance policy, which will have more in it that a standard courier insurance policy.

What are the benefits of insuring a fleet?

For haulage companies, insuring all their vehicles on the same policy can help save money in the long run, as well as reducing the administration required to insure each vehicle individually.

Many haulage insurance providers will have a minimum vehicle limit for multi-vehicle cover, but by comparing brokers, some may negotiate cover for smaller fleets of 2 or 3 vehicles. There are many types of fleet insurance available for many different haulage company sizes available, so it can pay to shop around.

What type of lorries can I cover?

With haulage fleet insurance you can cover various types of truck; including curtain-sides, flatbeds, tippers and tail lifts. Depending on the type of load you carry you may need a variety of truck types, fleet insurance can help you to insure the whole lot in one fell swoop.

Be wary as well of what you are carrying, particularly if you transport hazardous goods, as this can increase your policy because of an increase in risk, similarly if you’re transporting oversized loads. Be sure to disclose all information about the products you carry when speaking with your broker.

What features could I get on my haulage policy?

Because haulage vehicles are used for the transport of products from site to site, or from factory to site, it’s unlikely that you’ll need social, domestic and pleasure cover on your policy.

When it comes to haulage insurance, there are a number of features available on policies for commercial fleets:

  • Unlimited mileage allowance – if your deliveries are UK-wide and even to within the EU then your vehicles are going to be on the road rather a lot. Speak to your broker about placing an unlimited mileage feature on your policy, this could save you money going forward as well as reduce administration and worries about mileage calculations.
  • Goods In Transit Cover – this essentially covers the goods you are carrying against theft and damage as a result of an accident during transit.
  • Public Liability Insurance – this helps to protect you from third party claims, particularly important if you’re working with the public or in areas where property and people could be at risk of injury during delivery.
  • Replacement vehicles – should one of your vehicles break down during transit you’ll want to get back on the road as soon as possible, to honour orders and keep to schedule, having some replacement vehicle cover can help you get back on track when needed, so ensure you have some on your policy.
  • GAP insurance – if you’ve bought truck cabs from new it can be worth securing some GAP insurance on them. This feature helps to cover the costs of depreciation over time, covering the cost of the price when you first bought the vehicle and what the value of it is at the time of an accident. This additional extra allows you to recoup the difference in cost so as not to lose money in the event of an accident.

When it comes to haulage insurance, there are a number of features available on policies for commercial fleets:

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