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Cheap insurance for electricians.

When talking with any broker, it is best to be detailed as there are many factors that can effect your insurance premium. For example:

  • Type of company - sole trader, partnership etc.
  • Years trading.
  • Member of any trading organisations
  • Annual turnover, no. of employees, payroll etc.
  • Do you issue N.I.C.E.I.C/I.E.E certificates?
  • Domestic, Commercial or Industrial contractor.
  • Type of work carried out: Electrical, Heat and Vent, Plumbing, Theft Alarms, Fire Alarms, Aerial Erection, Computer Cabling.
  • Level of PL cover needed
  • Level of business cover needed
  • Work in hazardous locations.

It's always worth checking that a cheap policy also offers the cover that you need.

Online electrician public liability and business quotes.

All insurance companies are looking to cover different things. Some will only look to insure electricians who work on certain jobs. However, most insurers will want to insure any reputable business.