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Driving school insurance cover is for owners of a fleet of vehicles used for teaching people how to drive. If you offer driving tuition, but own just one vehicle and need insurance cover please visit our driving instructor insurance page for more information and to get and compare quotes.

What will driving school insurance brokers want to know?

Typically brokers will want to know how many vehicles are in your driving school fleet. If your vehicles are fleet rated you should be able to get a discounted premium, although this is not always a guarantee. Of course, speak to your broker about any No Claims Bonus built up on your policy in order to obtain a cheaper driving school policy.

Unsurprisingly, other than the fact that driving school insurance is generally for a fleet of vehicles rather than just the vehicle of one instructor, driving school insurance is very similar to driving instructor cover. Brokers will want to know:

  • The minimum qualification level of any instructor:PDI Part 1, PDI Part 2 or if all instructors have achieved ADI status?
  • Whether all vehicles are fitted with dual controls. Dual control vehicles reduce the risk factor of insuring an instructor vehicle as the instructor can correct mistakes made by learners and avoid accidents.
  • Are any of the vehicles used for domestic purposes? It's important to let your broker know if the vehicle will be used for purposes other than purely business-related matters.

Anything else I should look out for?

There are various additional features that may be of use to you as a driving school owner. It may pay to find a broker that can offer breakdown cover and perhaps a courtesy vehicle suitable for driving tuition should you experience a breakdown and do not have a backup vehicle.