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Driving instructor insurance has its own set of unique policies and schemes in the market to contend with. This page explains some of the specialist information you need to be armed with before talking with a broker, and has a link to our driving instructor quote comparison page to save you time by avoiding hours on the phone with brokers who don't have the rates. Think of this page as a Hazard Perception Test for instructor cover!

What is Driving Instruction Insurance?

Instructors, or rather instructor's vehicles, are at higher risks than regular motorists (it could be said...) and there are special requirements like "Part 3 One Day Test Cover" at play. In other words, you can't be an instructor on your regular car insurance policy. Discounted policies are often available, but at the expense of the best cover for you. Protection is almost always reduced along with the price you pay and the cheapest instructor insurance might not be the best. Look out for brokers that employ car enthusiasts rather than drones..

What's Different?


First of all, if you're a trainee, you'll need to talk to brokers who can offer PDI cover. It's a different kind of risk, obviously, as you're in your six month probationary period getting some teaching hours in behind the wheel before settling into your Part 3. Not all insurers will cover PDIs.

Temporary ADI Part 3 Cover

You've done your Part 1 multiple choice paper, got through your Part 2 test with less than six mistakes on your special maneuvers and finished your PDI experience. It's test day. You're going to need ADI Part 3 cover just for the day (hopefully)... Most big brokers provide it, but if you're going to need it - check!

Dual Controls

Naturally the big difference between your car and the ordinary fellow's are the extra pedals. Dual controlled cars are obviously a trickier thing to replace with a courtesy car, but essential if you're to protect your livelihood in the event of your car being off the road. Check the replacement vehicle cover small print before taking out your policy.

Off Road Tuition / Under Age Drivers

If you want to teach 15 year olds some skills off road, you'll need this as an option on your driving instructor policy. It's not included on all policies, so again - ask this question upfront if this is important to your business.

Gap Insurance

Gap cover is appearing more as an add-on to motor policies these days. We have our own Gap Insurance Quote page with competitive prices, but you might find it possible to add gap onto your instructor policy. If you don't know what gap insurance is, there's a definition on our gap insurance page - basically it covers the shortfall between what you owe and what your policy will pay on the value of your destroyed car. Ask the brokers who contact you through Quotiva if it's appropriate for you or not.

Specialist Teaching

Some instructors offer specialist driving instruction and will need insuring accordingly - 4x4, towing, performance car driving or emergency response training are all examples.

Cover for Your Pupil's Own Car

Sounds obvious, but it might not be automatically included on your policy. If you need to give instruction in a car that isn't yours - get covered. Worth checking at the same time is whether your policy allows you to drive any other car with third party fire & theft (or better) cover.

The Usual Suspects

Most underwriters will add on, or throw in, breakdown cover, windscreen cover etc. Check that they offer 24 hour claims handling and accident assistance if you think that might be important to you. Legal expense cover and even public liability insurance are normally on the menu too.

Banned / Convicted Drivers

Another special case is if you need to cover drivers re-taking their test after being banned for whatever reason, including drink driving. Not all driving tuition insurance will include this - so (surprise!) check!