Essentially the motor trade industry focuses on the sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles; sale, repair and maintenance of their parts and accessories; and of course the sale of petroleum. It is also about the designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of motor vehicles. This industry is in fact one of the most prominent economic sectors and any large knocks to the economy can have a significant impact on employment in the industry. Equally confidence in the motor industry can also signify a safe and prosperous economic climate.

There are many parts of the motor trade industry; one for example is the vehicle restoration sector. Vehicle restoration is basically the process of reconditioning or restoring a vehicle, either for collectors’ showrooms or vehicle enthusiasts that plan to use the car in their day to day commutes – the Morris Minor is a good example of a car with a small but dedicated fan base that use their vehicles every day after restoration.

Full restoration will leave the vehicle in a ‘good as new’ condition. However, cosmetic restoration focuses on the physical appearance of the car and not its structure or functionality. Cosmetic restoration is often done when the vehicle is intended for a long-term display. Of course, any company that works with cars will need motor trade insurance.

There are many sectors in the industry – from those that fix body panels after an accident, to those that specialist in fitting a great sound system into your vehicle. In fact, there’s so many areas to specialise in within the industry it can be overwhelming for someone with little auto-knowledge!