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The world of classic car ownership can be very varied, very enjoyable but also very expensive. Enthusiasts put time, effort and money into their restoration projects before taking along to shows and other gatherings.

What Is A Classic Car?

The definition of a ‘classic car’ varies around the world, in the United States an ‘antique’ car refers to vehicles that are 100 years and older. In the UK, classic cars fall into one of three categories:

  • Veteran

Veteran vehicles are those which were produced in the pre-First World War period (usually those produced before 1919) and can often be seen at car shows. There are a number of veteran car clubs in the UK which bring together enthusiasts to exchange advice and share stories.

  • Vintage

Vintage cars are those produced between 1919 and 1930, an era which saw the rise of the automobile, especially in the United States.

Automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler and General Motors saw a growth in demand after the Great Depression, and many of the vehicles from that period are still highly sought after today, and there are many vintage car clubs around the UK to bring enthusiasts together.

Like veteran cars, parts for vintage cars can also be difficult to source due to their age, which can affect the cost of your classic car insurance depending on the rarity of your vehicle, even if they were more mass produced than veteran cars.

Check out our guide about finding parts for your vintage motor for some hints and tips on sourcing those hard to find parts.

  • Post-vintage

Post-vintage vehicles are those which were produced in the period from the early 1930’s to the beginning of the Second World War in 1939.

Classic vehicles are popular with enthusiasts who like to invest time and money into restoring vehicles to their former glories. Depending on the make and model, parts may be difficult to get hold of in the event of a breakdown, which can make for some costly classic car insurance.

How Expensive Are Classic Cars To Insure?

Depending on what model you have and the age of the vehicle, classic car insurance can be pricey. Insurers will usually work out premiums based on not just your experience as a driver, but also on the vehicle itself.

If your vehicle is particularly old there’s a chance the manufacturer has been long closed, so replacement parts may be very rare should your vehicle sustain damage.

Because of the nature of older vehicles, owning and renovating them can be costly, but rewarding in the long term. Usually reserved for those with time on their hands, the classic car market has enjoyed a revival as of late, with many looking to scrapyards in order to unearth rare gems and restore them to their former glory.

For more information about the classification of classic cars and how the age could affect the insurance premium, check out our handy Classic Car Guide.

What About Paying Road Tax?

In the UK, classic cars that were built before January 1st 1976 are exempt from paying statutory road tax, but you must still register your classic car with the DVLA, particularly with older vehicles which might not have been registered beforehand.

Can Being Part Of A Club Help?

Being part of a classic car enthusiasts club can help you to save money on your classic car insurance, with some providers offering discounts for members. Clubs are also useful for meeting fellow enthusiasts to share information, especially on where to source replacement parts.

There are also a number of dedicated vintage sports car clubs for enthusiasts who still like the feel of driving round a track in an older vehicle. If you’re only using your vintage vehicle for track days, speak to your broker about arranging a low mileage agreement to save you money on your classic car insurance policy.

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