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Do I need static or touring caravan insurance? OK, so if you're on this page it's likely you know the answer to that question! Nevertheless, Quotiva is here to help you find the right cover, no matter what kind of caravan you own ...

Ah, caravans -- it seems that people either love them or hate them. Thankfully, at Quotiva, we're quite partial to them and that's why we want to ensure that we make finding caravan insurance as easy as possible for the people that need it ( that's you!).

Despite the difference between both caravan types -- the tourer is typically towed each time the owners wants a trip away, whilst the static caravan is generally kept on a semi-permanent pitch within a caravan site, connected to water, electricity and other fixed facilities -- there are still some similarities in the cover needed.

One factor that can have an impact on premium cost for both caravan types is location. Location is not simply a case of whereabouts in the UK the caravan is kept, but also about the hazards that can be found in the area. If a touring caravan is kept on the street instead of in a locked storage facility, it is not only more at risk from theft, but also the perils of the road: other drivers.

The static, although less succeptible to theft, is quite often at risk from the envrionment around it. For example, if the static is kept on a site near a lake or river, it may run the risk of being flooded.

Of course, different brokers look for different risks -- some specialise in hard to cover areas, whilst others may focus on the age of the proposer, or if the caravan is rented out by other holidaymakers when deciding on a premium.