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Why do I need Bus and Coach Insurance?

Due to the size of a bus/coach, a standard motor policy will not cut it when it comes to insuring your vehicle. This is for various reasons, but the most obvious being the weight of the vehicle (a bus can cause a lot more damage in an accident - and cost a lot more to repair!) and of course the fact that a bus or coach often carries a large number of people for commercial purposes. Bus and Coach insurance will provide you with third party liability insurance at the very least. If you want to protect your vehicles you'll need comprehensive cover. It may also be worth asking about liability cover, to protect yourself from claims made by the public or by employees.

Finding cheap bus and coach insurance isn't always easy. Essentially, the larger vehicle, the more people it can carry and thus the more expensive your premium will be due to the increase in risk. However, coming to Quotiva was a good idea - we will only introduce you to brokers that specialise in bus and coach insurance, meaning that their rates will competitive as they're experts on the subject.

What will brokers want to know about my bus and coach business?

There are various factors that brokers will look at when deciding on a quote for you and your coach. Here are the most common factors:

  • What is the coach used for?
  • If a coach is owned by a company and used purely for company trips and employee transport it will be exposed to different risks than that of a coach used by a charity for fundraising, profit-free ventures. Of course, a coach used for private hire is also exposed to very different risks to the uses mentioned above. Regardless of whether you're a council, holiday tour operator, school or charity, Quotiva can help you find a quote.

  • Vehicle size and number of vehicles
  • The number of coaches, buses and minibuses in your fleet will make a difference to your premium, as well as the maximum number of passengers each coach can take.

  • Drivers
  • Who drives your coaches will also affect your premium. Motor insurance is always more costly for younger drivers and also for those that have little or no No Claims Bonus. Brokers will want to know who will be driving the buses, but also may offer you a any driver policy, that allows any qualified employee to drive the vehicle.

  • European use
  • If your buses and coaches are used for private hire and longer trips require the vehicle to be used outside of the UK (for example, a road trip to Paris), then it's important to let your insurer know that the vehicle will be used abroad too as it may have an affect on your cover.

Bus and coach insurance is essential if you're operating one of these vehicles for commercial, private, education or charity use. This kind of insurance cover shares a lot of similarities with minibus insurance cover. For a more detailed look at this kind of cover, feel free to visit our minibus insurance page.