Dinghy Insurance
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Quotiva can help you find insurance cover for various water crafts and vessels, including small boats such as laser dinghies, which are often raced in; canoes and kayaks and good old fashioned scull and rowing boats.

What do brokers need to know when insuring small boats

When looking for laser insurance, canoe/kayak insurance and rowing boat cover, brokers are most likely going to want to know how much the boat is worth. As with most insurance products, the more expensive the craft the more costly the premium.

Typically, most insurance policies will cover you for loss and damage, as well as theft, which will protect you in the case of a crime against your property.

With most small boats, brokers will also offer you liability insurance. This will offer you protection from any accidents that cause injury or property damage to a third party should they make a claim against you.

Dinghy Insurance

If you're looking for dinghy insurance for a racing laser or just a sailing dinghy used for leisure use, then we can help you find great quotes. If you use your laser for racing, make sure you tell your broker as this adds a level of risk to your policy. Many brokers will offer you new for old cover when it comes to laser insurance. This is because sails and spars can be damaged from time to time and sometimes cannot be repaired.

It's likely that your broker will want to know where your boat is kept when not in use as well.

Canoe and Kayak Insurance

Canoe and Kayak insurance is similar to Dinghy insurance in many ways. Brokers will want to know for example if you're using the craft for white water rafting as this will of course increase not only the risk of the canoe being damaged, but of injury or damage to a third party too.

Often you can cover the hull of your kayak and even find cover for hidden defects in your craft should you wish. Brokers will want to know where you canoe is kept when out of the water. They may offer you cover for any roof racks on transport equipment.

Please note that you may be able to find discounted canoe insurance if you have required BCU qualifications.

Rowing Boat / Scull Boat Insurance

Rowing boat insurance is much the same as the two options above. You will be able to cover the boat for theft and damage and brokers will want to know where the boat is stored out of winter.